Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Busy Busy Busy's just not been on the Internet. 
     I've spent much of the week planting flowers for The Mama, including rosebushes and a boatload of impatiens. (This was made extra interesting by somehow managing to whack myself in back of one ear by a falling shovel handle. The lump is gradually getting smaller, but I wondered if I'd given myself a free concussion for a while there.) Meanwhile, the Brick has been 20 feet or so up in the air, putting in a new yard light for her, and nailing a chunk of soffit back in place. 
     It's nice to use muscles that haven't had much of a workout lately. The only drawback: we both creak and groan like old people when we get up in the morning. 

Several million in funds from the Clintons' charitable foundation goes to...their friends! Go figure.

Three climbers die on Mount Everest. (Apparently more bodies are on the way.)

A kayak, a paddler...and a fast-moving lightning storm. Yeowch.

Grass-fed protein bars. Sounds yummy, doesn't it?  At least you get a free six-pack if you buy $50 worth of other groceries from Thrive Market.  (Click here or on the link for more.)

Kick a bag...find three ziplocks full of cash!  (From Things I Find in the Garbage)

A flat folding chair that's easy to make -- out of one sheet of plywood.  (From Tiny House Design)

Flat Folding Chair v2 - Simple

Glow in the dark glasses. Make them yourself, thanks to Instructables.

Picture of How to make glow in the dark glass

Drive 2: The Uber Years.  Very silly...and very funny, particularly if you're a Ryan Gosling fan.

And now, from the Department of Worst Puns Ever:

Ella Vader  This should not be SO damn funny!:

Have a great week.

Shame on me -- this is one of those green JD things

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Barbara said...

Loved the comment about the "free concussion." You've got a great sense of humor! I hope the rest of your visit goes well with no further injury. How admirable of you to say it's good to use the seldom-used muscles. (smile)

He's Back!

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