Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: What Manure Can Do

Emma Thompson got a wild hair and decided to set up a bakery showing why fracking is bad. 

 Do you feel puzzled by this, too?

Normally, I admire Ms. Thompson's work very much. And I'm not that sure about the value of fracking, either. (Our Oklahoma friends were adamant that the increased earthquakes they were enduring had a lot to do with the high level of fracking activity in their area.) But tents, set up for baking demos...that's going to change things?!? 

Thompson and company didn't bother to ask the farmer whose field they preempted for their par-tay -- they just set everything up. That farmer expressed his opinion about this by driving over with a big, sloshing spreader of...
     liquid manure. 

Which he generously shared.

Voila -- the practical good sense of the farmer! Shame on her, and bravo for him. 
   Emma tried to explain it away, by saying her cause was just. I still think she and sister Sophie got what they deserved.

We got another big batch of snow over the weekend...but it didn't stick much. Only about 8" stayed on the ground, and that's rapidly melting, due to the warm sun. Does this mean that spring might actually sort of, kind of be here, after all? Who knows...

Where Britain's crown jewels were hidden during WWII. While we're at it:

Ten weird monsters sighted during wartime. (From Listverse)

Forget hoverboards -- now there's a hoverbike!  (I wish the Brick would get me one of these.)

Get a free breakfast sandwich at Subway, through this month. (May 2016)

A huge Roman coin hoard found in southern Spain -- more than a thousand pounds in weight. Yow.

Ten weird confession letters to crimes...that are still unsolved. (From Listverse)

Solo parenting survival tips. (From a pilot's wife.)  Both SILs, as well as my mother-in-law, were military wives whose husbands were gone for months at a time. I never went through this, because the Brick was a maverick...he only served 6 years in the Navy.   (Thanks to Red and Honey)

Chris Hemsworth shows up to celebrate National Secretary's Day...with a massage and tequila for a fan - who's also a secretary! (What a nice guy.)

Pirate libraries.  Knowledge centers that insist on sharing information FOR FREE -- shame on them! (From Atlas Obscura)

A ship lost in the Bermuda Triangle reappears -- 90 years after it went missing! UPDATE:  Oops, it's a fake. The ship is still lost. But just think how amazing it would be if  the ship really did come sailing up to shore:

What are some of the best places to travel...that few people visit? These are largely budget dream-makers, too. Don't miss the comments on Malaysia, especially. (From Quora)

President Obama's greatest regret from his presidency.

Five things Hillary Clinton revealed during her stint for New York's primary votes. Including the cold truth that Bernie Sanders and his supporters will get most probably... absolutely nothing.

Alex Lowe's body has been found...16 years after he and his photographer disappeared in an avalanche.

Can you fly with your pet as an 'emotional support' animal? Looks like you mostly can...take a look here, too.  (Some of the pets are bigger than Charley -- and he's about 125 pounds. Don't let him know -- he'd love to fly on a plane!)

And finally, from the "True, true..." Department:

"The truth is like a lion; you don't have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself."
                                                                       --Augustine of Hippo

Have a great week.

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