Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Planting One On Ya

Or more than one, as the case may be... we'll be gone for a while soon, and I want to get lots of seeds in the ground. Plus a few trees. 
    The estate sale went very well, in spite of a nasty thunderstorm Saturday afternoon. I did this only because the client was a friend, but my skills and the ability to appraise seem to be suggesting I should try this again. Maybe this is going to develop into a regular business. 

The tiny video house series...this episode is on how to stain a subfloor. (I.e., plywood.)  Should be helpful learning for anyone remodeling their home. (From Ana White.)

Your Google and Yahoo information may have been stolen. Oh goody.

700+ people are claiming to be related to Prince... so they think they should get a share of his estate. If you haven't applied yet, better do it quick. (You'll have to prove it, though.)

How to root dianthus cuttings. Easier than you think. (From Mike's Backyard Garden)

A world record for a hoverboard flight!  More than 7,000 feet; the earlier record was less than a thousand. Maybe I can start thinking about flying myself to gigs...

Affordable vinyl tiles -- and why you should choose them. (From Style by Emily Henderson) Frankly, I admire the clever lamp display as much or more...but the idea of a $50 tile job is intriguing.

One mom's Mother's Day -- and a funny story. (From Thistlewood Farms)

When Mother's Day just hurts. I have a dear friend who would love to have children...and can't. I often remind myself of that on Mother's Day.  (From Moneysaving Mom)

Making a raised garden video included.  (From Frugal Upstate)

Is 'grit' what you need to accomplish things?    Or is that just another word for the same old self-help advice on discipline and determination?

Ten amazing details hidden in movie credits. We always stay and watch these...which used to drive our friends crazy, until they started staying, too. You miss a lot of stuff if you leave early. Really.

I must have itchy feet right now, because travel blogs like this one (A Pair and A Spare), just sound really appealing. This one is loaded with different ideas and tips, from how to save to what kind of wardrobe to take along.

Now, to get this other work done, so we can actually think about going somewhere else! 

Have a good week.

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