Thursday, June 23, 2016

Chicken Updates

I would love to say that now the root canal's done, all is wonderful.
    But it's not. 

I must really have had a lot of infection in there, because once it was released, I went into full "going to have the flu" mode. And my jaw has ached so much that I've had little sleep all week.
     Fortunately, I have a pencillin prescription that's starting. And THAT, hopefully, will do the trick.

Those of you who follow the chronicles of our chicken flock need an update. 
     Nothing's happening.

Actually, half the flock has gone into "I'll lay an egg when I feel like it" mode, which is incredibly frustrating. They pig down the feed and extra goodies. (Protein really has made a difference in egg-eating tendencies. We give them freezer-burned meat and fish, peanuts and the occasional can of tuna or mackerel.) They clear away any weeds I throw in, and are drinking water like crazy.
     They're just not laying eggs consistently. 

I'll lay when I feel like it!

Some of the chickens are cooperating -- including one of the 'babies,' now 1 1/2 years old, which consistently lays white eggs. (The others lay brown eggs.) The rest of the flock are molting and making noisy pests of themselves. Kind of like this selection from the Punk Rock Homesteaders:

Perhaps they need to be reminded  of the alternatives.

We didn't get chicks this spring, because we're planning on moving sometime in the next twelve months. So we just have older chickens -- some of them 5 years old. Which is ancient for a chicken.

And I sure don't want them thinking about doing this:

So we toddle along, putting out feed and filling the waterer. Throwing in snacks. (Friends Jeff and Renee donated four mice they trapped in their backyard. Chicken frenzy ensued -- these little 'dinosaurs' LOVE fresh meat.)

And hoping they eventually get the message: MORE EGGS.

1 comment:

Barbara said...

"Complaining loudly completes me" -- where do you get this stuff? It's crazy and fun.

ALWAYS love the updates on the chickens. I guess you are saying you don't plan to have them after you move. Bummer.

I hope you feel better soon. Sounds like you've been hurting really bad.

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