Saturday, July 30, 2016


One person who's been showing us just these actions is
                   Daughter #2's new fiance, Keith. 

You've met him occasionally on this blog; now he's going to be permanent.
       The Brick and I couldn't be happier. 

    While they've been in Michigan, announcing their engagement to The Mama and the rest of the family there, we've been up in the mountains, dogs in tow, looking at old mine ruins. Colorado is full of these out in the boonies, usually up four-wheel drive trails. If you're willing to forego fancy toilets and hot water showers for a few days, you can see amazing things. 

     We camped in a big meadow...and woke up this morning to munching noises. The cattle herd we'd seen down the road was now surrounding our tent! Charley, who normally shows great interest in all things bovine, was just a little bit tooo close to these Big Things Who Mooed. He took the tactful approach, and pretended he had things to do elsewhere. ("Protecting you, Mom. That's what I'm doing.") Keith and Angel's dog Karma barked...then ignored them. (She also rolled in cowflops the first night we camped there, so we all got to enjoy whiffs of poop throughout the trip. The stinker -- literally.) 
     Abby just ignored them -- period. 

Home now, back to hot weather and dogs snoozing everywhere. And plans starting...why didn't someone tell me that thinking of wedding possibilities for your kid is wonderful? I am beginning to understand why other people do this with such pleasure. No specifics yet, but they'll come soon.

     Welcome to the family, Keith. You are very welcome. 

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