Saturday, July 16, 2016

It's A Dam Problem

Things have been quiet this week. For one thing, the Brick and I have spent more than our usual time out in the garden, and tending to stuff like oil changes and sticky gates. (The chicken coop didn't get shoveled out yet...but I will, I will.) It's been blazing hot -- but feels nice to see the work (and the piles) slowly disappearing. 
     We have more to go -- but an old friend is stopping for the next few days, enroute to her new job in Seattle. Fortunately, she's known us ever since the girlies were little, and will understand a few piles here and there. 
     Meanwhile, something fun for you to think about -- provided you can handle it being rude. If you've ever met us, you know we don't swear. We don't. Really.
     That's what made our visit to Hoover Dam memorable a few years ago. I had so much fun talking to the girlies about our dam tour, and visit to the dam store...well, you know. 
     Hoover Dam was the first thing to explode on San Andreas. Interesting.

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