Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Loretta Lynch's Testimony: Guns Did It!

Loretta Lynch, the U.S. Attorney General, has been testifying before the House Judiciary Committee today. 

Not that it matters much.

Lynch began her testimony with a speech about the Justice Department's response to the shootings in Dallas and elsewhere. The reason she was brought before this committee in the first place -- her meeting with Bill Clinton (out of "courtesy," Lynch said) and Hillary Clinton's use of a personal e-mail server -- was shoved aside:

     "While I understand that this investigation has generated significant public interest, as Attorney General, it would be inappropriate for me to comment further on the underlying facts of the investigation or the legal basis for the team's recommendation."

Any attempt by House members to bring up questions about this, and Lynch was quick to mention FBI Director Comey's testimony last week, using it as the reason why she didn't have to deal with it, as well.

Democrats on the committee tried hard to agree, saying that Mrs. Clinton's investigation was closed (it's not), and We Should Be Focusing On Gun Control And Dallas, anyway.


Yep, Hillary Clinton is as innocent as the driven snow. 

Only she has a problem -- in spite of all her explanations and fancy footwork, many people don't believe that she IS innocent. 

Or, if her actions regarding e-mail were inadvertant, that she can be trusted in other matters.

Speaking in Chicago a few weeks ago (pre-Comey's announcement) to what was described as a 'friendly crowd,' Mrs. Clinton said:

     "I personally know I have work to do on this front; a lot of people tell pollsters they don't trust me. It is certainly true I have made a lot of mistakes. So I understand people having questions."

She added:
     "You just can't talk someone into trusting you. You've got to earn it."

We're waiting.

Hillary Clinton
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