Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Hot, Then Cold, Then Hot...

"Why do you have that blanket wrapped around you?" asked the Brick. "It's HOT out here!"

    Which was when I realized that it hadn't turned chilly, all of a sudden: I was running a fever. 

We were planning on going camping this weekend, but my bout with summer flu changed that. I still seem to have it (the fever) resurface now and then, but am feeling better. (Either that, or the temperatures outside are going up and down like a yo yo.) 

A grateful thanks to those of you who've been visiting because of the Thriving At Rock Bottom series. Two parts are up now -- and the third will appear this week. Welcome.

A good look at commemorative and memorial ribbons -- yes, in quilts, too.  (From Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts )

Infinity pools that stretch practically to infinity. Gee, they look so refreshing... (From Urban Daddy)

32 desks that make working at home possible for anyone.  (From Domino) Like this one:

 Small Home Office Desk brown secretary desk

and this cool one.  (I wish somebody would build me a swing like this!)

 Small Home Office Desk wood desk with white chair

The world's hottest day ever recorded...and it just happened. Kuwait got the honor at 54c. That's 129 DEGREES for us schmucks in the States. And I thought we were having hot days...

Celebrity food tattoos. Got a bunch of money? Waste it on a tattoo of Vegemite! Don't laugh...Miley Cyrus did just that. (From Urban Daddy)

More about Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton's VP pick.  Personally, I see a lot to like in this guy. Mrs. Clinton -- not so much.

Five reasons homesteaders fail. One of them: disillusionment, when your garden fails -- or your dog digs it up.  (From Living in Rural Iowa)

22 ways to renovate your home -- on a small budget.  (From Apartment Therapy)

Old CDs...for a backsplash?  We need to do something in our kitchen. Maybe this would work. (From Instructables)

Also:  a $2 vacuum sealer you can make yourself. Wish the Brick would make this for me.

'What Being Thrifty Means to Me.'  A new blog I've been devouring, full of practical ideas to save. She's single, with two kids, and knows what it's like to live on a small income. (From Thrifty Mom in Boise)

Prom photos -- hey, what's that behind you??

Shoplifters galore. Our local Douglas County sheriff posted this interesting video of a threesome fleecing a woman at the grocery store:

I have GOT to be more careful...I've been walking away from my purse in the cart lately.

That led me to this video -- the store celebrates her as the 10,000 shoplifter to visit the store, complete with cake, champagne...and marching band!

Coming to terms with past financial mistakes -- particularly when they've affected people you love. This is a remarkable post. (From the Simple Dollar)

The LA Times is promising I'll 'understand this election'...if I fork out a dollar a week for their digital access.  Hey, if they can explain this madness... sign me up!

A social justice group, The Maine People's Alliance, is advocating for an across-the-counter rate of $12 minimum. So what do they offer in their own employment ad? $10/hr. They say it was a mistake....oh yes, and it's fixed now. Uh-huh.

My All-American...also known as Courage. We watched this football movie last week, about a University of Texas player who's undersized, yet ends up inspiring the whole team. See if you can watch this without crying. (I couldn't.)

Sigh...I miss football.

Christie's reports a steep drop in sales... but it seems connected more with sales on the Really Important Stuff. My colleagues in the textile appraising field, however, have felt that overall prices for quilts, etc. have gone down -- sometimes more than they deserved to. Hmmm...

Have a great week.

The feeling's mutual, Buddy.

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