Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Happy Fourth

Just came in from Castle Rock's fireworks display. They were glorious -- and Charley the dog absolutely hated it. He's the Big Dog in the neighborhood; how dare these upstarts shoot off lights and bangs without his permission! 
     We've had a few blessed days of coolness, but it's back to being hot. The garden is erupting with growth -- gotta get a few more sections planted. 

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Are you in the Denver area...and want to learn more about fabric history and quilt styles? I'll be teaching a "How to Date and Restore Your Quilt" class on Saturday, July 9, at Holly's Quilt Cabin. E-mail me at, or go here to register. 
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Celebrate the holiday -- the top 13 smart-mouth remarks Will Smith made during the original Independence Day.  Lippy, smart-alec, rude...welcome to America!
     I haven't heard that many good things about the sequel, but I haven't seen it yet, either. Here's the trailer; decide for yourself.

Or just go see London Has Fallen, instead. There's nothing like an Irishman saving the American president:

Top side jobs to make yourself some extra cash. (From Get Rich Slowly)

Browser the library cat, after being voted out by the city council, gets to STAY.

A tourist tries to get a 'leaping' photo of himself, and falls to his death at Machu Picchu. Yep, another brainiac tourist who should know better.

What could be gleaned from 'Move-Out Day' at the local university.  We see this from all the good stuff University of Colorado students discard at year's end. Reminder to self: hang out in Boulder that day!  (From Things I Find in the Garbage )

Pizza Pockets. This recipe is great -- but so are the literally dozens of other recipe links afterward. And they're all freezer-friendly! I intend to make a big batch while it's still reasonably cool out. (From Moneysaving Mom)  Or...

An 'oven free' menu plan for July.  Keep the house cooler by using your crockpot -- or not heating at all!  (From Blessed Simplicity)

Dress like a cow on July 12 -- get yourself a free meal, thanks to Chick-Fil-A.

The girl who not only encouraged her boyfriend to commit suicide, but practically demanded he do going to stand trial. Involuntary manslaughter. (Don't miss the wide-eyed, teary 'gee, I did nothing wrong' photos. They're priceless.)

Missing in Alaska -- sometimes without a trace. (We've got friends vacationing there right now, so I'm reading up on the state.)

What does it feel like to lose everything...and can you get it back?  (From Quora)

Five household hacks to save money. (From Bright Peak Financial)

Excellent travel hacks, provided by seasoned international travelers.

Have a great week.

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