Friday, August 5, 2016


     I was busy by the garden beds when the Brick came down the hill. He picked up something from the ground, near my foot.

Snakes -- two of them. Their heads were both caught in garden webbing. 

The big one had toothmarks along its side. Charley, no doubt.  (He throws them up in the air, jump rope-style, until they stop wiggling...then he loses interest. Freaks The Mama out big-time. She absolutely loathes snakes, and Charley likes to bring them to her as presents. )

I don't dare tell her about these. Even I got a bit of a chill, staring at them.

How in the world did they both get tangled up in the same webbing scrap? Were they trying to eat each other?

The biggest snake looked like a rattler, at first.

It was at least four feet long -- big, but not terrifying.  No rattles. (Some rattlers now don't have them. Go figure.)

We finally figured out it was a ratsnake or bullsnake. The other was a garter snake.
   Too bad -- I would have appreciated them hanging around doing their jobs in the garden. (We still have a problem with mice now and then, and garters will eat bugs, too.)

At least they weren't inside.
But I do NOT like nearly standing on them. 

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