Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Do Me A Favor...

How does someone knock at your door?

They're probably using the doorbell -- but in Ye Olde Days, provided you had extra income, they used a doorknocker. These ranged from plain to often decorative, and were cast in all kinds of metals, including brass and copper.

I have a thing for hands, and often look for them in charms and graphics.

  Like these...

Ivory and bone, in case you're wondering.

 Luckily for me, the Victorians were fond of hand motifs, as well.

This one's actually a handle.

But doorknockers come in all sorts of shapes and themes, including animals:

Classical themes:
Medusa, Theseus' archenemy

This one's a "grotesque." (Think gargoyles.) Found in Cartegena, Columbia.

And Just. Plain. Weird.

How-to's here on custom work:

More here.   Some particularly interesting stuff here.

    About a bazillion examples here, as well.

See something you really like? Many of these designs are still available -- check Pinterest or Ebay.

I had to end with this:

Strangely, we have a brother Jon...and married cousins named Phil and Dawn!
 No sister Susie or Uncle Ernie, though.

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