Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dye, Dye, Indigo!

This is interesting...pieces of 6,000+ year old fabric suggest that the Peruvians were dyeing with indigo long before the Egyptians and others did.

Hundreds of pieces ranging in size were found at Huaca Prieta, a dig site in Peru. No one can figure out what they were doing -- the textiles were too small to be worn as clothing, and they weren't correspondingly shaped that way. Not for kids, either.

Perhaps the textile samples were meant for ceremonial use. At any rate, the Peruvians apparently were experimenting with dye combinations long before any modern scients realized they were.

Go to the article here...

Ssee the faint blue indigo stripes?

and thanks so much for mentioning it, Holly Anderson.

UPDATE:   I can't stand it, I have to add this. It's jussst close enough:

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