Sunday, September 18, 2016

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Why?

I watched the news with a sinking feeling -- 29+ people hurt from a bomb explosion in New York City Saturday night. What kind of sick person would think it was a good idea to maim and kill people this way? (Fortunately, just one -- it should have been two.)
     Why?? What does this prove??
     I wish I knew.

Update:  I guess we know now. Sort of.

What Colin Powell thinks about both Trump and Clinton...from his e-mails. (Hacked, unfortunately, but accurate. Or so I would assume...he's not denying that he made those comments. Unfortunately, a lot of us agree with him.) Speaking of:

Here, too.

Adventures with a spider...and teeth. A very funny post -- unless you love spiders, that is -- from Living Rich On the Cheap.

8 modern-day miracles.  (From Oddee)

A trip to Houston's International Quilt Festival -- in 2014. Lots of photos and booth visits. (Thanks for sharing, Diary of A Quilter.)

Dealing with rude people - and school supply lists.  (From Money Beagle)

The Soviet doctor who removed his own appendix. Yes, this really happened. He was mentioned on:

What is the most 'badass' thing anyone has ever done?  Lots of incredible examples here. (From Quora)

Updates and new discoveries on various Viking-related archaeological digs. Including the piece of skin nailed on a church door that was said to be a Viking's, caught and flayed for stealing. (It was cowskin.)

15 windshield notes, ranging from outraged to hilarious.

"I can't even afford to eat."  Or can she?  (From I Heart Budgets)

Albert Einstein's leather jacket, and other Levi-related goodies.

A Colorado schoolbus driver rams into one of the DIA airport's support pillars. They're not even sure why. She died in the accident. Her passengers are still alive, though some are in critical condition. This one's a puzzler.

Ten Roald Dahl quotes -- an amazing writer who would have been 100 this year. Unfortunately, like most writers who leave an incredible legacy behind them, he also tended to be a pig. Hemingway, move over.  (From The Berry)

Tapping the Bank of Mom and Dad. Would you do that to your parents -- or let your kids do it to you?

Free tickets for Sept. 24 admission to any number of museums around the country. Check for your specific area!  (Thanks for the mention, Surviving and Thriving)

Baked eggrolls, and other Chinese food made a little healthier.  (From Hungry Girl)

The packet drawer...and other easy-but-slightly-quirky ways to save.  (From The Simple Dollar)

Eleven movie scenes you can't forget -- because they were acted so badly.

'Octomom' today!  My favorite strange celebrity...who says she's no longer the O-- word, that she had to 'kill' off that part of her personality in order to save her life.  (I hope so, for the sake of her kids.)

Cinnamon bread -- a new way.  Braided and twisted - easier than you think. (From Sprinkle Bakes)

Life After Money visits Lincoln Castle.  Gee, I wish we Americans had more sites like this.

Did your garden not do so well this year? Can weeds, purslane.  I've read about Depression era cooks doing this out of necessity. (From Frugal Upstate)

have a good week...peace out.

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