Friday, September 16, 2016

Oh, The Dilemma...

We have a huge problem.

The University of Colorado Buffaloes

Colorado Buffs alternate logo.png

are playing the Michigan Wolverines (Go Blue)...

in college football today. (Saturday, 9/17)

2-0, 1st Pac-12 - South Division
2-0, 1st Big Ten - East Division
Home Record: 2-0
Away Record: 0-0

    We LOVE college ball.

Normally, I'd assume that the Buffs will get creamed...but they actually have been playing quite well so far, this season.

    But so has Michigan.

If Michigan wins, we get to hear it from The Mama, who's been a Michigander nearly all her life.
   And secretly, we'll be happy about it, too.

If Colorado wins, instead...we'll probably be happier. After all, the Brick graduated from CU. (His M.S.) And we've now lived here longer than any other state.

But (gulp) we also both graduated from Michigan.  (My M.A. and his B.S.)


So...    GO BLUE!!!


And may the best man (er, buffalo) win.

Ralphie, CU's mascot, on a tear  (P.S. She's always a girl)

UPDATE:  The Buffs lost, 28-45, to the Wolverines. At least they didn't make idiots out of themselves. Reports make it clear that Michigan was down twice -- they had to work to win this one. (All right, Buffs!) We're looking forward to seeing what both teams do this season.

Ironically, The Mama (who lives north of Grand Rapids) could not watch the game -- it was on a specialty channel.

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