Sunday, October 23, 2016


Just a few days from now marks the year anniversary of a very difficult professional situation I was forced to endure. Once it was resolved (and that took a LOT), the hits continued. It took at least six months for business to start coming back up...and I still carry the scars. Probably always will.

But I'm still here, thanks to God's grace and a lot of patience. 
    If you're going through a difficult situation right now, remember: 

Hang in there.


lovelygrey said...

Very cool, very wise!

Cindy Brick said...

Thank you -- and thank you for writing.

Hard to do -- but worth it. Your actions during the difficult times shows who you really are. Unfortunately (and fortunately), it also shows who others really are, as well. I was amazed at who did what! Certain people did NOT act the way I'd assumed they would -- and yet, others did.

It shows you who your true friends and colleagues are. Interesting.

Thanks for commenting.

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