Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Coming Home for the Holidays

Christmas cake's in the oven;  pecan pies will happen later today. (After all, it's midnight right now.) Turkey's thawing, and I'll start peeling potatoes in the evening. (The girlies love mashed potatoes so much that I have to cook at least ten pounds worth.) 
     So at least the food area is making progress.

 A few things got cleared away, a bunch more books listed for sale on Amazon, and more appraisals need to be sent before I head for bed.
    The Brick's doing better right now, but the kidney stones definitely haven't passed yet. Pain comes and goes. 
    Our girlies, plus our new son Keith, will be here for dinner on Thanksgiving. Coming home -- I love them for making the effort. We'll eat too much, talk a lot, then watch Plymouth Adventure -- which they enjoy making fun of. Loudly.

I don't care -- it's just nice, having them home. 

See if you don't get a lump in your throat from this 'coming home' story...

Amtrak made its own heartwarmer, about a little stuffed dog who also wanted to go home.
     See it here.

Wow.  (sniff)

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