Thursday, November 3, 2016

Surprises -- And Keeping On

    The Cubs won the World Series...can you believe it!?!   108 years!

Ah, there was celebrating in Chicago last night.

Now hopefully all that nonsense about jinxes and goats goes away. On the other hand, maybe our Rockies (except Charlie Blackmon), should get something like that. At least they'd have an explanation for their less-than-stellar performance.

No news yet on the theft in Houston of Jamie Wallen's trailer, stuffed with quilts with merchandise. Poor guy.

     The Brick and I have been behaving ourselves. He's back to driving a schoolbus two or three days a week; I trudge off to the county election offices, and dogwalking. (Brody the Burmese Mountain puppy, who is lovable as all getout, but stubborn. He likes to grab his own leash and 'walk' himself.)

 The chickens are...chickens. This change in season confuses them, and a hen will miss getting into the coop on time before the door closes at dusk. Then we have to chase her around the yard until we can grab and stuff her back in.
     We keep a light in their coop for longer periods now, and will soon start up the heat lamp, as well. (They need a minimum of 10-12 hours light to stimulate egg-laying...did you know that?) Our neighbors are happy to trade post-Halloween pumpkins for some fresh eggs.

     Not that they show any gratitude. The chickens, that is.

"That's right, Missy! And don't forget it."

     Piles are EVERYWHERE...but slowly diminishing. Who wants to clean and put stuff away? I would much rather be on the road traveling. (In fact, Rae Crothers' blog gives a tested-and-proved packing list for travel that's been very inspirational.)

     Daughter #2 is going through the same feelings. Work, work, work...and she stayed up until 4 a.m. to finish processing the doe she got. Before she had to go to the store the same morning. (Partner Keith is on the road helping a friend move to Wisconsin.)

     As we grimly remind each other, "Welcome to adulthood."  Sometimes I get very tired of acting responsibly. The Brick's tired of it, too. Guess we'll go to Red Robin for a burger and beer tonight, and watch the Colorado Buffs (hopefully) trash UCLA in football. GO BUFFS!

    It's gradually getting cloudier, and temperatures are dropping. We had our first rain in weeks -- a brief one. The leaves are pretty much stripped away, and bare-branched trees lift wistfully to the sky. Right on cue to signal the end of Fall.

     Welcome to November.

...except we don't get this many red leaves in Colorado.

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