Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Update on the Update -- Jamie Wallen

I've been telling you about Jamie's difficult situation --

his trailer was stolen during Houston's International Quilt Festival.

One of my appraiser buddies, who taught during IQF, provided more info:

Yes, the trailer has been found. 

It was empty.  All of Jamie's quilts, his customers' quilts (which he was delivering), his merchandise, class materials...


Someone has been arrested, connected to the theft...but that's all she knew at present.
     Another person added that some of the stolen quilts were recovered...but Jamie's equipment and booth setup were damaged. The police are hoping that they'll find more. 

Since Market and Festival are both over, that doesn't help Jamie much. At least he is working with the insurance company to replace the missing goods.  (Estimated value:  $125,000. Ouch.)

Keep him in your thoughts -- and your eyes open. Maybe we can help him find his stuff.

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