Friday, December 23, 2016

A Visit with Mr. Bean

Are you by yourself this holiday weekend?

We could have been -- it was supposed to blizzard on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Our new son Keith has a snowplowing contract. So when it snows, he leaves...and Daughter #2 leaves with him.

Daughter #1 is a dogsitter, and has five animals this weekend. She'd have to go, too.

Fortunately, the forecast is for clear and sunny. (Not warm -- you can't have everything.) We still have a scraping of snow for that 'White Christmas' look. And yet, we can get around easily. (Yay for drivable roads -- they just don't plow side streets much around here.)

So...if you are...

Invite a friend over. Mr. Bean is always ready to stop by. He may be a bit strange and messy, but guys are like that sometimes.

Ask him for Christmas:

Or wait til next week, and invite him to your place on New Year's.  Although I'd skip his 'champagne' and appetizer platter.

 (We will be by ourselves then -- our kids are in no shape to drive after their respective New Year's Eve parties.)


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