Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas Quilts

I know -- you probably don't have time to whip one of these off in the next few days.
    Why not?!?  😁

But they're fun to look at, and plan for in the future.

Many of the quilts are holiday-themed just by color/fabric choices. I'm thinking of doing a few as regular scrap quilts, instead. Or maybe a two-sided quilt: one side for Christmas, the other for the rest of the year!

'Wander Through The Woods' -- from Craftsy

Shared by ms moniker via Flickr. Even the intersection squares are scrappy.
(See Quilt #6 below for a more restrained version)

'Snowglobe,' an easy Snowball variation by Tasha Horsley. Love the candycane stripe binding.

Star quilt by Alex Eckert

See the various strips? Watch your beginnings/ends for this easy design --
from Quilt Inspiration

Look familiar? It's Quilt #2 in this list -- only the blocks are larger, and arranged on point.
From Ms. Jenny's Custom Quilt Company.

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