Monday, December 19, 2016

It's A Wrap

The Electoral College's job is done. 

Learn more about the Electoral College here, thanks to Wikipedia

Although six voters did indeed change their votes, others followed the directive given by voters of their respective states. According to Yahoo (see the above link), activists who tried to influence the Electoral College, needed to get 37 delegates to change their minds. There were an amazing flurry of movie stars taping podcasts (Martin Sheen and Mike Farrell included), a few demonstrations (though not up to post-election brouhaha standards), and lots of fussing.

It didn't work.

If you're curious, four Democratic delegates changed their votes, instead of voting for the Democratic candidate. (Oops, that wasn't supposed to happen.) Two Republican delegates voted for someone else, other than the Republican candidate. None of the changed votes obliged Mrs. Clinton, although both Colin Powell and Bernie Sanders each got a vote, according to the New York Times. (The Times said seven delegates changed, instead of six.)

(Both Mr. and Mrs. Clinton's responses were interesting, if a tad sour grapes. Of course, it's the FBI's and the Russians' fault This All Happened.)

Now let's see what you can do, President-elect Trump.

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