Saturday, December 16, 2017


After four hours at Tuesday Morning's checkout line today, I can honestly relate.

Okay, maybe a nap AND a cookie. 

Friday, December 15, 2017

Ease Up on Your Christmas

For those with limited time...and less energy.

15 terrific Christmas decorating and gift ideas from Clean and Scentsible -- take a look by clicking here.

By the way -- you ARE seeing snowflakes drifting across this blog. Courtesy of the Brick (who figured out how to do it), and the holiday season!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Jingle Bells, Jingle...Oh, Forget It

I'm's just been a little zany. 

To keep you occupied until I get back...
          Country Living Magazine has 49 ideas for tables during the holidays. including this very cool napkin-folded Christmas tree. (See below.)

                           Have fun!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Phenomenal Gems Shows Its Stuff

Don't miss one of the season's best gift shows! One day only in Longmont, CO:  Sunday, Dec. 17.

Looking for the perfect holiday gift? You’re in luck! Phenomenal Gems and Ecualove are doing a rare holiday show, and will be at Last Chance Gift Fest this coming Sunday, 12/17, 10 am-5pm. Stop by and check out our amazing selection of mineral specimens, Ecuadorian textiles and clothing, and more! 

Last Chance Gift Fest is a large gift show with more than 165 of Colorado’s finest vendors, offering a seemingly infinite variety of gifts for your holiday list. Doors open at 10 am and close at 5 pm, on Sunday 12/17. Last Chance Gift Fest is at Boulder County Fairgrounds, 9595 Nelson Rd, Longmont, CO. Admission is free! Tag a buddy and share—the more the merrier! 🎁 #giftshow #crystals #minerals #handmadetextiles #colors #worldwide#globalgifts #holidays #excitement #localbusiness #craftfair #rocksandminerals #textiles#smallbusiness #shopsmall #supportlocal #holidayshopping #giftideas #lastminutegifts#christmas #Hanukah #kwanzaa #phenomenalgems #ecuador #ecualove #fairtrade#december #bethere #etsy

Monday, December 11, 2017

Wall-ing Up the Christmas Tree

Have you been wishing for a different kind of tree this year? 

Try these alternatives; they save space and make some striking decor.
      You can still put presents under them, as well.

All photos via Pinterest

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: A New Nativity

     I love a beautiful Nativity.

After living with a gorgeous village of figures under the tree while I was in grad school, I have been partial ever since to Italian-made sets. They're expensive, though -- the best we could afford were plastic figures that 'looked' right. 
     I loved putting them out. I also loved watching Daughters rearrange the scene, when they thought I wasn't looking. 

The problem: our Christmas decorations, including the Nativity set, are in storage in Michigan. 

The solution:  a new Italian set. Less than $20, thanks to Tuesday Morning...and my discount.

Finally, I have Italian Nativity figures -- thirty-five years after I first admired them. Maybe I can add more in the future.

Not quite as nice as these -- but beautiful, nonetheless

Speaking of the holidays:  The Brick has been watching a holiday-themed movie most days with me. I thought this interesting, since in his opinion, Christmas starts Dec. 24...that's when you start ramping it up and doing stuff. He announced this afternoon that he'll (grudgingly) watch holiday movies with me, provided he only has to see one a day. 
    "But you've already seen two today," I said. (Trading Places and White Christmas.) He looked shocked for a moment -- then started up a Christmas episode of JAG I missed last night. That makes three -- what a guy. 

     He's been putting Christmas music on, too, without any prompting. Miracles do happen.

    This weekend, neither of us has been in tiptop shape. I dragged myself out to the post office Sunday evening...but otherwise, we've stayed quiet and resting. (Computer stuff fits right in.) No church -- no Tuesday Morning hours (thank God). To make things even more interesting, Sir Charles managed to bang up my knee while racing to the morning gobble. 
      So now I limp AND try to breathe through the congestion. Meanwhile:

The Geminid meteor shower will be happening Dec. 13-14.  Step outside and take a look.

A Hawaiian hike, including a bamboo forest and 7 sacred pools. Give yourself a tropical break, if you're dealing with snow and cold right now.  (From Funky Junk Interiors)

Purchasing plans, including groceries, for a simpler December.  (From The Prudent Homemaker)

Katy Perry, Warren Buffett and Bitcoin...whaddya think?  (From The Wealth Advisor)

Vapor rub shower melts and bath bombs -- make them yourself. Now you've got a fighting chance to clear your sinuses -- and help flu symptoms -- just by taking a hot bath or shower. These might be good presents, too.  (From Homespun Hydrangea)

Ten creatures supposed to be extinct...that may not be
.  (From Listverse) Also:

Ten stories of people trapped underwater. I thought about this, while following news on:

Argentina's missing submarine.   (Still missing, sadly.)

An illegal from Mexico (with SEVEN previous felony convictions), who's been deported five times before, is protected by San Franciso's "city of sanctuary" status. ('Hey, we're innocent in all this,' city officials say.) Meanwhile, Our Hero 'finds' a gun, picks it up and it 'accidentally' goes off (do you really believe this?) and kills a young girl. But hey, it's not his fault, according to the jury....acquitted.
    See Mr. Innocent here.

Sadly, stuff like this has happened before.

Strip-piecing in quantity, made easy.  This is an old trick worth resurrecting; I first read about it from Marti Michel.  (From Blooms and Blossoms)

Eighteen funny animal pictures taken at the wrong (or right!) time.

A huge bunch of odd (and fascinating) historical photos.

And in the spirit...Bizarro Christmas comics courtesy of yours truly, including the classic below.

Have a good week. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Elf Yourself is Back!

Paste your favorite people's (and pets') faces onto these merry elves...

and let them do their stuff.


It's easy -- just go here, and they'll show you what to do next.

Here's my version, featuring Daughter #2, Son #1 and our granddog, Karma.

If you're feeling political, try this wacky Youtube version, featuring Our President and His Favorite Lady. Ahem. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

What's Happening Over Castle Rock?

Remember -- I told you about Castle Rock's Starlighting?

Are aliens interested in it, too?

Go here for more. Weird. 

 I'd normally say meteors, but they don't usually make turns. I did see a 'meteor' late one night, while driving in town -- but instead of going straight down, it turned and zoomed horizontally!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Cake...and the Question

    An engaged couple stops into a Denver area bakery to order a wedding cake. But the baker says no. He'll make them any other kind of cake. They can even purchase one of the cakes (or brownies, or cookies) already in the shop. But he can't make them a wedding cake. 

The problem?

They're gay men. And as a conservative Christian, he doesn't agree with their same-sex marriage plans.

When he explains this, the men storm out in tears. (According to one of the guys, his mom is there -- which makes it more humiliating.)

Here is where the story gets even more interesting. The guys -- David Mullins and Charlie Craig -- file a civil complaint. Jack Phillips, the baker, and his business, Masterpiece Cakeshop, are not only castigated by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission -- Phillips is required to have himself and his staff trained more 'sensitively.' Phillips even has to submit regular reports to prove that he's not acting prejudiced in any way.
    Finally, he stops offering wedding cake creations -- period. He's forced to cut his staff from 10 to 4, and loses, by his estimate, at least 40% of his business income.

He appeals. And loses.  Appeals again. Loses again. 

Now his case is up in the U.S. Supreme Court. Arguments were Monday and Tuesday. LOTS of protesting on both sides, and media brouhaha.

As you would guess, there are a ton of news articles about this issue. Here's one -- and another. They all pretty much say the same things, along with cutesy comments and puns about cake. I'm sure every baker in the country would willingly participate in a spanking machine, as long as the reporters were lined up and run through.
              Twice on Sunday. (Yes, I'm being silly.)

Here's where I have a problem with the whole thing.

As a Christian (and, I think, a conservative one), I must follow the words of my Boss, Jesus Christ, and the Bible. I have no other choice. (I'm guessing Mr. Phillips feels the same way.) The Bible is crystal-clear about marriage's definition.

On the other hand, I can see the point of same-sex civil unions, which could legally be called marriages. They protect partners, their children and their estates, as well as provide for insurance and benefits. Their basic rights, like those of all people, should be protected.
     This is, after all, what Christians would call a fallen world. Our world -- and the U.S., specifically, in this case -- doesn't follow the Bible's mores. It hasn't, for a long, long time. That's especially sad, considering the proliferation of people who think lying, stealing, cheating and sleeping around is perfectly fine, and doesn't hurt anyone, themselves included. (It does. They're wrong.) 

While I personally disagree with homosexuality, and do not practice it myself, I have had many friendships with gay men and women...and value them highly. I don't believe that ANYONE'S basic rights for freedom and free specch should be denied or taken away.
     Christians and non-Christians alike.

And that includes what lawyers before the high court are fond of calling "artistic expression."

So what about Jack Phillips' right to his beliefs?

*Did he treat the men rudely, or denigrate them for their sexual choices? He says no -- and the couple seems to corroborate that.

*Did he refuse to sell them anything?  No.

*Could Mullins and Craig have gone to another shop? Yes. There are a bazillion bakeries in the Denver area -- they got married in another state, anyways. They had time to order another cake.

*Were they permanently or physically damaged? Other than hurt feelings, no. This didn't even come out in public until Mullins and Craig chose to make it so.

*Was getting another cake from another shop The End of the World?  Of course not.

What did Mullans and Craig get out of this? The satisfaction that their rights were enforced, over anyone else's. (And, presumably, another cake from another baker.) Seeing Phillips get punished for his refusal, first by Colorado government, then the legal system.

What did Phillips get? Public denigration. Loss of business and income. (He lost even more this week, considering he was in D.C. for his case, rather than decorating cakes back in Colorado.)

There have been some interesting twists to this argument. 

What if someone ordered a cake which celebrated white supremacy, or the Klu Klux Klan's beliefs? (The KKK were quite prominent in the Denver area earlier in the 20th century -- this is actually not that farfetched.) Would Phillips have been forced to take that assignment, regardless of how he felt about it personally?

Here's the crux of the case, in my opinion. Goods and services, I would think, are voluntary. They consist of someone offering, and someone accepting. Or vice versa. I don't agree with every book I read, every movie I watch or every painting I view. But I can choose not to purchase, read or view those items. I can protest when my tax dollars go to fund projects or purchases that I do not agree with. I should not be forced to pay or advocate for something that I don't believe in. (Sadly, as far as taxes and legal matters go, that isn't the case.)
      That is my right, as an American -- but it should be a worldwide right, as well.

    It's called freedom of choice, people. And it's one reason, for example, why football ticket prices and tv event viewing have declined since football players have decided to do the "kneel thing."

If I were Jack Phillips, would I have made the cake? 

Probably. But I would defend to the end his right to say "NO."

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

A Historical Conehead?

If Sharpe is right, the Duke was fairly easygoing around rude things like this.

I wonder if he would really have cared?

Getting Your Kid to Behave At Christmastime

I wonder if this would work for dogs...

Our brother-in-law Jon had a dog who would make a beeline for any presents with edible components. He demolished a gingerbread house kit we sent that year, plus any number of other goodies. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Catching Up

     After a hectic (but different) week, we're back to regular duties again. The kids went home. The Mama flew home last Saturday, and says she loves sleeping in her own bed again. Between working and The Mama, I've had little chance to explore the Internet this past week, so pickin's on the list are a bit spotty. (I'll do better next time.) 
     Charley the dog misses all the extra company...especially Karma, his friend and chewmate. But the Brick and I both are appreciating the chance to wander through the house in our underwear again, especially in the morning to let the dogs out.
     Hopefully the neighbors don't mind. 

     The Christmas tree is up, as well as some decorations. (Discovered that more are in Michigan in storage. Guess they'll stay there for now.) Our stock of Christmas movies is out for viewing, along with a boatload of hot chocolate and the rapidly-diminishing Christmas cookies. (Darn.)
     Now if it would only get chilly. 

Buy one, get TWO candles free -- from Yankee Candles(Thanks for mentioning it, Moneysaving Mom.)  This special is only good through Dec. 6.

Some fancypants efforts to sting the Washington Post in the Roy Moore affair -- that didn't work.    Not that Project Veritas would ever do this...

Was Garrison Keillor REALLY fired for just cause? I don't always agree with the man's viewpoints, but loved his show. And the one complaint (so far the only one, by the way) seems kind of silly. See what you think.

NFL players keep kneeling. In spite of 'bribes' to knock it off.
     Keep it up, guys. Viewership is down, and so are ticket sales.

A flash mob does Handel's Messiah.  Whoa.

The Walking Dead is heading toward its midseason finale; that episode shows Dec. 10.
     I hate waiting...

Weird forest mysteries around the world.  (From Listverse)  Also:

Ten parents who pretended their kids were seriously ill.

A thoughtful commercial for the holiday season: The Man in the Moon.

''Make A Gift A Day" series.  The Prudent Homemaker's extensive how-to list of a wide variety of gifts for all ages, including a Harry Potter pencil bag. (I intend to make a silk version of this zip case for The Mama.)

Have a great week...and take time to rest and enjoy this Christmas season.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Puccini... and Chickens?!

For your weekend felicitations... here it is. 

Jockgu of the Flockstars pounds out an aria...then tries to eat the flowers thrown at her feet. (What if all performers did this?)

For less sophisticated tastes (ahem) -- you'll appreciate this hectic version of Born to Be Wild, instead.

Our chickens ought to be starting a band; they're not laying that many eggs right now. 
     The stinkers.


Friday, December 1, 2017

Frugal Hits & Misses: November Report

Whoa, that month went fast, and slow, at the same time. We promptly went from glorious fall to dreary tan, plus a scraping of snow, in just a few days. What's made it even stranger: we've had barefoot weather for weeks now. It helps with heating costs, but gives the landscape a bland, grubby look. 
     That's supposed to change next week. We'll see -- we need the moisture badly.
     The Mama's visit, plus periodic ones by Daughters #1 and #2, plus Son #1, made an otherwise dull month more interesting. I did have some intriguing appraisal work and a talk, too. 
     We made some progress, cleaning up and donating -- but much more is needed.

* * * * * * * * *
     Faithful Readers, thank you! Blog visits this past month have been consistently past 6000, often holding steady at 6500. They're down some now, but I have hopes they'll head right back up. You make this humble blogger feel very proud. Thank you. 


*Veteran's Day: The Brick's six-year stint in the Navy entitled him to pizza at Little Caesar's; a coupon for a free combo meal from Freddy's Frozen Custard; free lunch at Texas Roadhouse...and free supper at Applebee's. The strange thing about attending these: you can pick out the military people right away. (Something about the way they carry themselves.)

*Tuesday Morning Discount: Working there as a seasonal employee has brought in extra cash -- but I also get a regular discount. This weekend, that was doubled from Nov. 30-Dec. 2. We got several items for the master bath; some storage stuff for the trailer; and a boatload of presents, imported candy, cookies and other food items for Christmas. I'd estimate we saved something like $200, by waiting to do this.

*Food bargains:  35-cents a pound for the Thanksgiving turkey at Safeway -- plus some 12-packs of Coke for $2.22 each. The regular Friday freebies from both Safeway and King Soopers. (Go to those sites, as well as Fred Meijers, on Fridays -- look for the 'free items.') I regularly bought canned soup for $1 each -- or less. The best was 4 cans of Campbell's chicken noodle -- thanks to a sale price and coupons, for 24 cents total!

Just the thing for a dreary day

     The last trip to King Soopers netted two marked-down half-price packages of loin pork chops -- which were on a BOGO special, to begin with. That's the kind of math I really enjoy.
     Our beloved Friday/Saturday Store visit today landed us bright red peppers (25 cents each), a bunch of asparagus (50 cents), a huge bag of mixed greens ($1);  a number of different specialty sauces (99 cents - $1.99); candy bars and such, for Christmas stockings (3 for $1); canned green beans, a case of 24 for $5.00 (20.8 cents each). Plus one of the best buys: Starbucks hot cocoa mix, a pkg of 24 packets for $6.00. Twenty-five cents each may not sound like a bargain, but it is hands-down the richest, darkest commercial hot chocolate ever.

*Non-food bargains:  90%-off Halloween items. Some good half-price bargains from the same clearance aisle...and 40-60% off items at Tuesday Morning's clearance. (In addition to my discount.)

*More dollar videos from the library booksale room -- including several that will be used for Christmas presents. Read quite a few new books, but only because they were from the library. (We did buy a few Bigfoot experience books I'd seen on Amazon -- but got them for slightly less, and no shipping costs. More on this in a future post.)

*Cut our own Christmas tree -- plus Daughter #1's. Ten bucks each.

*Sold a few items on Amazon. Starting to clear out inventory, and ship the unsold items off to Donation Land, instead.  (We also donated 8 heavy bags of books, decor and clothes, plus a white Christmas tree.)

*Attended a lavish investment dinner, with friends Tom and Chris. We didn't buy a thing -- they didn't, either. But the food was great.

*Finished renovating the bathrooms! Well, sort of...the master bath still needs a few small touches. Returned some items we didn't need, after all. No more bleeding cash in this area, at least.

*Another $5 giftcard for Burger King, earned through Swagbucks -- which brings our total of earned gift cards up around $120 or so for this year...with no extra effort. You can do this, too.

*Used a Groupon, purchased back in August, for a trip to an Ethiopian restaurant, along with Daughter #2 and Son #1.

*Got a few Black Friday specials at discount -- but not that many. Free shipping, too.

*Didn't waste that many leftovers this month. We were also given free bread, avocados, bananas, baked goods and pumpkins.

*Given a gift card for Siena, one of Castle Rock's local restaurants. We've only eaten there once -- it will be fun to use it.

Gee...thanks (blushing)

*Did a lecture on the Great Depression in Colorado Springs for the local Questors group there.  A few appraising jobs have filled in bare spots here and there, too.

*Gas fillups: 20 cents a gallon off one time; 10 cents off, another visit.


*The scamming incident is STILL not resolved.  No word from either the police department, or from Priority Choice Marketing, who'd promised to send me a check.
     Guess I need to write another letter.

*Ended up paying $60-70 in interest on the stupid credit card -- for just a month's use. Grrr.....back to paying off the credit card in full every month. (Faithful Readers out there, please consider doing this! Credit card interest can really burn up any savings you make on purchases.)

*Kept the chickens alive longer than we should have. They're still clucking around...but also taking care of bread and leftovers we could not use up in time.  Oh, and they also bother to lay an egg or two now and then. Big of them.

*The mice are still a problem. Every now and then, we see one shoot across the floor. As the Brick says, "Dadburn it." The stronger poison has helped -- but not enough. Just now, we heard mega-squeaking and the trap dragging...but it got away. Aargh.

*Bought a tapestry. I admired this piece a decade ago -- and recently was given the opportunity to buy it. They were even kind enough to let me make monthly payments. Now I have a chance to study this antique style at home, as well. (This isn't really a miss...but it is more than I'd planned to spend this month.)

For more Frugal Hits & Misses reports, starting with October, go here. 
   Or compare this month to last year's report. 

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Paying Attention

I need to remember this about do, too.

Castle Rock Starlighting

    I live just outside a town named for a big stone.

Castle Rock, Colorado -- (6250 ft. altitude) originally a railroad stop that also served emigrants on one of the trails from New Mexico to Denver. It eventually became the county seat for Douglas County. The story I heard: public-minded citizens sneaked over to Franktown in the dead of night, stole the county documents, and had them stashed in Castle Rock before Franktown officials could do anything about it!

A 1910 postcard. The old depot was moved several blocks over, and now serves as the town museum.
(No surprise, obviously, that it's haunted.)

    'The Rock' started its life as 'Poundcake Rock,' named for an expedition, scouted by Kit Carson, who was literally starving. They must have been, to give this craggy butte such a scrumptious name. (Fortunately, the group's hunters managed to shoot an elk soon after they came into the vicinity.)

     Actually, Castle Rock looks much more like the broad prow of an ocean liner, than a castle. But what do I know...

Several other buttes are nearby. This area is famous for its pinkish rhyolite rock: easy to build with, sturdy and inexpensive. (At least until the quarries began to burn out.) The huge two-story fireplace in our 1960s house is faced with slabs of rhyolite.
     In the 1940s, a large star was added to The Rock, along with an American flag. Every year since then, the star is lit just before the Christmas season...then stays on through the Western Stock Show in late January. The actual starlighting is accompanied by crowds, a chili supper at the local fire station, musical groups...and a big whoop-tee-do lighting ceremony that includes fireworks.

The Star has also become a way to comment on what's happening, not only here in Colorado (orange and blue for the Broncos and the Superbowl, for example), but in the world. During the Iranian hostage crisis, the star stayed lit until the hostages came home.

Here's 2015's version of the Starlighting:

I-25 climbs as it heads south out of Denver, then rolls down into Castle Rock. At nighttime, the golden star 'hangs' low, the shadow of the rock 'disappearing'  as you drive toward it. Over the years, it's become a welcoming sight --

                    and a reminder that we're finally home. 

vintage photo from 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Patience

     Thanksgiving was fine -- now on to a busy week. The Mama stays through Saturday afternoon, and has lots of plans for filling up a good share of the days. Tuesday, we'll head out to Bailey, to cut Christmas trees. (And hopefully visit the Sasquatch Outpost.)  Tuesday night will be our 'Christmas' with she can see presents opened. Wednesday is sugar cookie-making day; Thursday, my piano students will stay afterward, and help frost them. Friday, we'll go see Daughter #2 and Son #1 in Boulder, then do some shopping at the Friday/Saturday store on the way home. 
     Saturday afternoon, she flies home to Michigan. 
     Somehow, in between all this, I have to fit in two afternoons working at Tuesday Morning; finish up a few reports; write some catalog copy; continue cleaning and tidying up; and somehow keep the Mama happy and satisfied. 
     On the plus side, we'll get a huge batch of cookies that actually look and taste like the ones I grew up with. No matter how I'll try, my baked goods just don't have The Mama's touch. 
     We've had particularly beautiful sunsets all this past week -- perhaps the earth is giving thanks, too? And now Castle Rock has its golden star shining out at night. (See below) That's one of the solid clues that the Christmas season really is begininng. (Here's some background, if you're interested.)

Two of my favorite cousins for cookie decorating and all-around Life: Krindi (middle) and Joanie (far right)
Now on with the show...

See Castle Rock's star at top right? From the town website
Here's what The Rock looks like during the daytime:

Update on the check fiasco -- unfortunately, no update at all. It's now been more than three weeks since I had Priority Choice Marketing's phone call. Do I have to phone and/or write them again?

How to avoid overspending this holiday season.  (From Retire By 40)

See your house in a snowglobeIt's a bit grainy...but fun.

Remember the autistic boy who couldn't say "Gobble, gobble?" I wonder what's happening with this little innocent (ahem) and his even-moreso mom. Both seem to have fallen off the Facebook bench, after 'poor' Caleb was flooded with presents and other goodies last November. (Nope -- found her -- but she seems to be far more circumspect this year.)

An Irish beach that mysteriously vanished...has reappeared!  (From Irish Central)

Charles Manson died this past week...what became of his 'family?' 
    Was he ever sorry for the atrocities he and his followers committed? Well, let's put it this way -- on the 40th anniversary of the Sharon Tate murders, he broke his gripe about global warming.

From the Department of 'Now I've Seen Everything:' a sasquatch foot charmEwww.

A gay couple who solved their estate problems -- by having their female friend marry both men, in turn!

Be fierce about following your dreams... you won't regret it. I've experienced this several times. One of my bestselling books (Hanky Panky) was pooh-poohed and ha-haed...but it went into 13 printings. Crazy Quilts' historical conclusions were considered a joke when I first proposed them. It's now considered one of the standard references on that patchwork style.  (From Financial Samurai)

A Christmas Hard Times memory.  (From Harvest Lane Cottage)

Russian teacake...bars?  (From Betty Crocker)

Extreme cooking-from-scratch marathon.  (From Penniless Parenting) Don't miss her recipe for french fried onions.

Ten odd items discovered during an airport luggage search. Including...a dead body? I kept thinking of Monty Python's 'Bring out your dead:'  (Thanks,  Listverse)

The milkmaid and her pail -- a cautionary fable from Budgets Are Sexy.

Stuck in a vehicle during a storm? Thirteen things that can help you survive. (From Living Life in Rural Iowa)

Have a great week. 

See that odd slanted rectangle shape on the horizon? Voila -- Castle Rock, as seen from our chicken coop.

Saturday, November 25, 2017


An Amtrak train zooms through the Rhinecliff, NY station....

    See what happens to the unsuspecting people waiting to board.

Shades of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Long Winter...where the only way to get through snow is to get up a headstart and barrel through it.
     For a while, at least. 

A Good Thing to Remember on a Holiday Weekend

....I think!


After four hours at Tuesday Morning's checkout line today, I can honestly relate. Okay, maybe a nap AND a cookie.