Monday, January 23, 2017

A Note to Negatives

     If you read my "Monday Stuff" columns, you know that I wander about the Internet a lot. (More than I should sometimes, to my embarrassment.) Partly, it's to find good stuff for you, Gentle Readers. And partly I Just Enjoy Being Nosy.  A typical writer's stance, I guess. I'm the one sitting at the back table in the coffee shop, quietly listening and absorbing the conversations around me. It may not look like I'm paying attention -- but I am.
    By the way, I just realized that Blogger hasn't been notifying me about reader comments...there were 18 waiting! I've put some on the posts, and kept some (like yours, Barbara) to enjoy for myself.

I read a number of bloggers regularly. They're often traveling somewhere (like A Life By Design), figuring out ways to stretch their budget (A Thrifty Mom in Boise) or have a totally different life than my own (Tight Fisted Miser).

Some bloggers  are pretty radical (Short Little Rebel); some can be rude (Len Penzo -- especially his weekly 'Hot Coffee' diatribes). Some, like Money Beagle, share my Christian faith (and interest in frugality). Many do not.

Now and then, I post comments on these 'friends' blogs. Yes, I choose to think of them that way. Sometimes I agree with their viewpoint; sometimes not. But I try really hard to be as tactful as possible, when disagreeing. After all, it's their turf -- I'm just visiting.

I'm making you, Gentle Readers, a promise. Right here and now.

If you visit this blog regularly --

You. Will. Never. Be. Insulted. 

Or belittled.

Or condescended to.


You can disagree with me. In fact, I welcome the chance to hear other viewpoints on whatever subject we're talking about. You can even be obnoxious about it. (Just a little, I hope.)
      I will never treat you like an amiable idiot. Or brand you as scum, if you aren't this, that or the other thing. I just won't.


Let me hear from you now and then. 


Barbara said...

Your blog is good, Cindy, to not insult. Not to worry there.

You bring a lot of interesting stuff to my attention, some of which I investigate further.

I steer away from those blogs that vent and spew ugliness, toxins that are in abundance in our world without willfully seeking them out.

You often make me smile or outright laugh. We all need more of that!!!

And the wisdom you share from life experiences -- one of my spiritual mentors has said we should seek to learn from the experiences of others because we don't have the time to learn all those lessons ourselves.

Keep on blogging, girlfriend!

Cindy Brick said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Barbara. It's very kind of you.

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