Monday, January 9, 2017

Another Great One is Gone: Sue Garman

Sue Garman, of Friendswood, TX, died recently of lung cancer.

    She was an amazing quilt designer, an aficionado of applique (it was her first love, she said)...and had affectionate ties with Ricky Tims' and Alex Anderson's The Quilt Show.
       Here's their memorial to Sue.

Photo from The Quilt Show 

Take a minute and look at the designs on her website, Come Quilt -- they often have connections with antique designs. And they're just lovely. Like this one, Twirly Balls and Pinwheels:

Twirly Balls and Pinwheels

She had been struggling with health problems for quite some time -- and had lost her husband, Jack Garman, back in September 2016. (If his name sounds familiar to you, it should -- he was one of the primary figures in the Apollo 11 rescue.)

Sleeping Beauty - 4 block version kitted in Christmas fabrics
Sleeping Beauty -- A New York Beauty variation

Her last post on her blog was New Year's Day, and optimistically ended like this:

So... don't lose faith in me and my blog.  I hope to have a bunch of photos to put up in the next couple of week - check on January 15 and see if I've met my goal.  I'll at least tell you that I have finished my Target Practice quilt AND THE PATTERN (it's on the website -, and my blue and white quilt should be finished in the next two weeks (I'm working on that pattern), and a third quilt - a gorgeous replica of an old princess feather quilt - should be finished in the next two weeks, too.  The pattern for that one will be started right after I finish the blue and white quilt.  So there are quilts in process for you to drool over (hopefully!).

Please take time to tell friends how dear they are....  and make this new year the best ever!

I could not find Target Practice as a pattern for sale on Come Quilt, but Sue did write a very long post about it, including variations -- including the mention that it had been chosen for Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks special issue. Here it is:

Target Practice -- one version (click on the link above for several more)

I have seen Sue's designs in competitions before, but never actually met her. I wish I had.

Rest peacefully, Sue. Our world is better for you and your influence.

All Around the Town - Full Pattern Set
Sue's design, All Around the Town

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