Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bad Lip Reading Strikes Again!

It just hit the Inauguration...

It's silly and rude...but very funny, regardless.

P.S. President Obama just happened to release $221 MILLION to the Palestinian Authority, literally hours before his term ended. I'm sure that was just a timely coincidence.
      Some of the Palestinian Authority's funds go to benefit families of terrorists. Gee, I love the fact that U.S. taxpayers' money is helping benefit people whose great aim is destroying us, Israel and others.

I must note here that mentions that the money was approved by Congress, as well. (Huh??) However, it was "on hold," by request of two committee member Congressmen. (Something that traditionally is upheld. However, President Obama chose not to do so.)

It has been fascinated to see a bunch of quickie position appointees, grants, etc. put on hold by yet another Trump executive order. Is President Trump insisting that these actually be checked for MERIT before the money's released for them? Seems like it...good for him. 
     He's actually acting on some of the promises he made about this. Wow.

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Barbara said...

I hope that money was indeed deterred from the past President's intended goal. I had not heard Trump overruled Obama in this.

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