Sunday, January 1, 2017

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Starting Out Fresh

2017 opened with a little smile...and church.

We spent the day with The Mama. With the exception of some family drama in the evening, it was quiet and restful. Tomorrow is back to real life -- and a few more days before The Mama flies back to Michigan. The one thing I still need to get: a calendar. Nobody gave me one for Christmas!

Star Wars sounds...during the Northern Lights? Sweden.

Cats in snow.

Wonders of Antarctica -- ten of them.  (From Listverse)

Retiring even earlier: independence can be achieved on a tight budget.  They're right -- we've done it. (From The Simple Dollar)

 A Texas mom falls to her death -- from a Colorado ski lift.

The priest, who argued until his death that he'd time-traveled. This is a weird one, folks.

My buddette at A Life By Design is in Amsterdam for the holidays. She's got several posts on Dutch museums, food and weather -- helpful advice for anyone thinking of visiting Holland.
     And if you can't travel right now? It's a great way to get away mentally.

Wanna go to Stalin World? This Lithuanian theme park features 86 statues of the Russian dictator, arranged in bucolic settings.

And two of my very favorite cartoon characters:  Bugs Bunny hangs out with a hairpin-tossing Witch Hazel. It's funnier than you think....especially the second one, Bewitched Bunny, wherein Bugs breaks the fourth wall, and talks directly to us, the audience. (You'll get a taste of fairy tale literature and some great mood music while you're at it.)

2017 is a fresh opportunity -- use it well.

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