Saturday, February 25, 2017

Hair-Raising (and Cutting) Savings

I had my hair cut last month.

I know -- big deal. But this time around, I thought to ask my hairdresser, Maggie at Cost Cutters, for suggestions on taking care of your hair -- and making that new (and often expensive) haircut last.

Here's what she said. 

*Use heat protectorant.   (she likes the Matrix brand)

*The more you color, the more you damage -- let your hair "rest" from it now and then.

*Anything that introduces heat, also damages over the long run -- blow dryers, straighteners, etc.
      Give your hair a rest from them now and then, too.

*Think twice about highlighting and touching up. She doesn't mind root touchups, but isn't that enthused about them, either. Highlights, especially those that use bleach, do more damage than hair coloring, according to Maggie. (Ouch. Didn't think about that.)

*Undercutting does not always grow out evenly.

*Bangs need regular trims -- side bangs are better, and you can let them grow out more easily

*Use good quality hair products - buy in as large a size as possible to save more money per ounce.

*If your hair is thin -- have layers cut near the crown.  Rub a little mousse in at the top (not all over) to push your hair up and give it volume. Look for a mousse that's light, not sticky. (Maggie likes Matrix for this, too)

Wet Brush. (This is the brand name.) This brush helps comb wet hair with minimal damage, and is a great detangler for kids' hair.

Thanks so much, Maggie. By the way, ya got any openings for next Tuesday?

Daughter #1, pondering her next trim.

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