Saturday, February 11, 2017

Take A Picture -- Literally!

Or, as the Mama is fond of saying, if you stare too much:  "Take a picture - it lasts longer."

Guess what New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art just announced?

375,000 images from their collection are now FREE for public use.

Print 'em, use them on your website or blog...put them on a phototransfer, or copy them for your favorite project --

Doesn't matter what you do:  they're free. And in high resolution, no less.


For access, go to the Creative Commons site.  To learn more, go here. 

(A 'Quilts' section is here, for my dedicated readers -- including the amazing Phebe Warner coverlet.)

And just for fun, Because I Can Now:

A portrait of Emma Homan by John Bradley, an early 19th century artist.
Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
                      (Thank you so much, Met. I really appreciate it.)


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