Saturday, March 4, 2017

Hanky Panky Revisited

Look what happens when you indulge in a little Hanky Panky...

gorgeous quilts. 

These artists were in my recent class for Colorado Springs' Piecing Partners Quilt Guild.

Afternoon class -- as in half a day.
    And they still came up with these beautiful pieces.


photo courtesy of Sue Hesser

A Hanky Panky foursome by Sue Hesser...see the blocks? I've never had a student show me something like this,
 though I've done it myself with 'cafe au lait' (cream & tan neutrals).
I like how she mixes different colors, though they're consistent within the block. A neutral binding helps keep the mix compatible.

Photo courtesy of Cindy Thomas

Cindy Thomas, a quilting designer in her own right, came up with this dainty piece. The butterflies are one of the main foci here. 

Sue also sent a photo of an unusual handkerchief quilt noticed at a show she visited.

And I've got something to add: a handkerchief tree! 
These Davidia involucrata are extremely rare...and rarely blossom. 
There's one blooming in Leeds (United Kingdom) right now.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Now go blow your nose. Respectfully.
(Thanks, Sue and Cindy, for sharing.)


Lady Quilter61 said...

So pretty, I love them. I make Hanky Panky's since I purchased your great book.

Cindy Brick said...

Thank you -- I'm so glad I could be of help!

I'm (still) working on the sequel to Hanky Panky -- am hoping that will be out soon. Thanks for writing.

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