Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Libby Lehman's Selling Her Quilts!

Remember our mutual quilting friend, Libby Lehman?

She continues to slowly improve from her 2013 stroke. The Caring Bridge has had regular posts from her family and friends ever since then, chronicling her progress.

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New Mexico Suite: Pecos Summer

The latest post mentions something that started yesterday:

An online auction of Libby's quilts.

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Threadplay -- one version

Through April 12, you can buy a piece from a master artist that will not be duplicated again. (Libby is doing some quilting -- but not at her previous level. I'm very glad she's gone back to sewing again, though.)

Native Habitat

Check out the auction site.  The direct link to Libby's quilts is here. Pieces range in price and size, including a Threadplay -- using one of Libby's best-known techniques -- to beauties like New Mexico Suite: Pecos Summer.  

Make a bid...get a great piece for your collection...and help a friend.

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