Friday, March 24, 2017

Map Points...And A Great Place To Buy A Vehicle

Do you know where the geographic center of North America is?

In North Dakota!

We zoomed by this dignified obelisk:

Surrounded by scruffy buildings, piles of dirty snow...and close nearby, a Case farm equipment dealer.

My dad always thought that Case tractors were the center of the universe. Guess he was close.

Plus a signpost, so you know where to head next.

I wanted to give a shoutout to the Devils Lake Chrysler Center in Devils Lake, ND.  Not only were they totally honest about our vehicle's condition and package...Jordan actually e-mailed photos to the Brick showing some of the truck's 'dings' and negative aspects!  How many dealers will do that??

Jordan, our salesman, spent a lot of time pointing out features with the Brick, and explaining how they worked. (He did a lot of "what if this happens" problem-solving, too. Impressive.)

They treated us with politeness and included. (Sometimes the woman doesn't get this. Female Gentle Readers out there, you know what I'm talking about, don't you...) We had some trouble getting funds from our bank account wired -- and they were patient throughout.

We also got advice on good hotels (since we had to stay one more night, because of the wire transfer issues) and restaurants -- and they were right, on all counts.

We got a good deal on a great truck. It was nicely prepped, as well.

If you're looking for a quality vehicle at a good price, try them out. (It's even worth driving 30+ hours to get there!)  Ask for Jordan; tell him the Bricks sent you.


Kris said...

Rugby ND is just barely inside the US - Canada is almost half of the continent! Geographic center of the US is in Kansas:, 675 miles due south. Mapquest is my friend:-))

Cindy Brick said...

Aha, Kris -- and you thought I was talking about the United States! Gotcha there, girl...

ACtually, I figured this. North Dakota is much too far north (or, as some would argue, Out in the Middle of Nowhere) to be the geographic center of the U.S.

Here's what Wikipedia says about your Kansas reference:

Its position as located in a 1918 survey is located at 39°50′N 98°35′W, in Kansas about 2.6 miles (4.2 km) northwest of the center of Lebanon, approximately 12 miles (19 km) south of the Kansas-Nebraska border.[1]

While any measurement of the exact center of a land mass will always be imprecise due to changing shorelines and other factors, the NGS coordinates are recognized in a historical marker in a small park at the intersection of AA Road and K-191. It is accessible by a turn-off from U.S. Route 281.

It is distinct from the geographic center of the United States, which reflects the 1959 additions of the states of Alaska and Hawaii, which is located at a point northeast of Belle Fourche, South Dakota.

Ironically, that makes it not too far from Hoover!

thanks for writing.

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