Sunday, March 5, 2017

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: "Are You Moving Yet?"


Are you trying to get rid of me?

    We're still actively packing and getting rid of stuff. Got one offer, plus a counteroffer, on the house -- but they were too low. We're going to let Son #1 go ahead and start renovating the bathrooms, while we decide how to proceed next. Maybe we'll get a realtor involved now -- maybe not. The house still needs a lot of work.
     I think I'll plant spinach, chard and turnip greens -- just in case we're here longer than a month or so. At any rate, we'll be around locally off and on: I have three gigs in Denver and Boulder in June.

We'll still be Coloradoans. My cellphone and e-mail will still work, and the Brickworks website will be back up shortly. (Had some trouble with Russians trying to hack it, and my IT guy took it down to work on it.) 

Life may not be uncomplicated right now...but it goes on.

Female bazillionaires.  (From Trend-Chaser)

The Obama administration NEVER spied on or wiretapped Donald Trump's cellphone and doings...nor did it do that to Trump's office or staffers. And the FBI certainly had nothing to do with it, either. Even though it may have happened during an election year, that was pure coincidence. Sure. Uh-huh.  Mark Levin gives a laundry list of instances that are public knowledge. Now what? 

"Cindy is not like other scammers."  This does not apply to me!  (From Surviving and Thriving) At least I can make:

Yummy scones. Perfect for your next coffee break, afternoon tea or St. Patrick's celebration.
                                      (From Holiday Goodies, yours truly's food blog)

Quilts hidden -- and jayhawked -- during the Civil War.  (From Material Culture)

Buzludzha Monument -- a very strange place in Varna, Bulgaria.  I heard about this when my travel bud at A Life by Design climbed up to see it. Then last night, while watching Mechanic: Resurrection, lo and behold, it reappears!  (One of the bad guys supposedly lives in it. Right.) Thanks, Bohemian Blog, for the memory jog.

Lessons learned from Grandma.  A (hopefully) classic, from yours truly.

Picado De Rabano -- radish salad from Guatemala.  (Thanks, Penniless Parenting)

Now that's a lot of ice! A cameraman records the slow building along a lakeside.

Do millenials spend less and postpone more, now that they're starting to face the reality of student loans?
     Maybe, maybe not.

Sarah ban Breathnach's blog.  The bestselling writer of Simple Abundance used to write a blog online...then for years, she disappeared. She's back, as of last September, and writing regularly. (In fact, I just spent an hour or so reading, when I should have been doing my own work. Bad girl.)

Heroic dogs of war -- and rescue.  (From Listverse)

Best dog-shaming moments...a hundred of them. Like this one:

An interesting way to piece the classic Card Trick block.  Think strips and squares. (From Quilts by Jen)

Is it a modern imported quilt... or the real thing? Some clues on how to separate Chinese-made stuff from true antiques or vintage pieces.   (From Vintage Blessings via Ebay. I've purchased before from this seller -- and they really know their stuff.)

Another post on the same subject -- from Tim Latimer via his blog, Timquilts. (Thanks, Sandra Starley, for recommending these.)

An interview with the man who came up with 9/11.  (From Marc Thiessen)
    "We will win because Americans don't realize...we do not need to defeat you militarily; we only need to fight long enough for you to defeat yourself by quitting."
                            --Khalid Sheick Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11

Speaking of:
One of the best ways to deal with a bully that I have ever heard of.  (From Quora)

Five practical ways to survive a money emergency.  (From Len Penzo)

Five foods that help with stomach problems -- and a flatter stomach. (Could have used this info this past week, thanks to food poisoning and flu issues.)

Eight Murphy beds to make -- save space and still sleep well.  (From Knock Off Decor)

A foldable craft table you can make -- that fits in the smallest spaces.  (From Remodelholic)

The 'wedding girls:' postwar English brides who still managed to make a splash with homemade gowns and borrowed suits. Some good reminders for us today here, as well...since I seem to be involved with wedding plans!

Meatball subs -- including easy shortcuts for meatballs, sauce and rolls.  (From Cheap Easy Good)

Ten shortcut suppers.  (Yep, they're from Betty Crocker)

A 355-square-foot apartment that actually looks comfy?  Love the bed nook... (From Apartment Therapy)

Twelve items that help you prepare for an elderly guest -- or live-in.  (From Living Life in Rural Iowa)

Have a good week. Plant some greens!

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