Sunday, March 19, 2017

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Yes, It's Early

I have deadlines to meet early this week, so sent the weekly post on its way today. Get your coffee cup, sit in the afternoon sun...and enjoy! 

Ten strange discoveries archeologists can't explain. Yet, at least.  (From Listverse)

A guy walking barefoot across America is hit by a car, 100 days into his trip. Weirdly, Mark Baumer's last post showed his toes next to a yellow-lettered word: 'KILLED.'  (From Men's Journal)

Twenty liars who kept lying. And got away with it...for a while, at least.  (From Cracked)

Fifty years of "Alice's Restaurant" -- and how Arlo Guthrie feels about it. (From Rolling Stone magazine) If you've never heard this very funny, thought-provoking song, click below. Settle in first -- it takes almost 20 minutes.

Ten strange (and wonderful) discoveries that have updated archeology -- big-time.  (From Listverse)

More dog shaming.  Yes, these are silly, including:

"Saving history by stealing it." Or in artistic terms, copying it. I'm still not sure what to think about this angle...

A Wisconsin farmer dies, along with 16 of his a freak methane poisoning accident. This one is really strange.

One of the best modern tap dance scenes out there -- "No Dames" from Hail Caesar!  Channing Tatum definitely got some of his chops from Gene Kelly on this one.

Too bad the rest of the movie was mostly stupid.

 I kept thinking of a similar theme in Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers' Follow the Fleet:

A tiny house, custom-built in Alaska.

Irish treacle tart.  A holiday offering from yours truly. (This tasted quite different from what I thought it would...maybe it's the lemon juice, combined with the sweet flavor. Not sure.)

What's today's cooks can learn from yesterday's tenement cooks.  Some real-life examples here. (Thanks, Kris Driessen, for forwarding this on from the New York Post.)

Have a great week. Stay sane.

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