Sunday, March 26, 2017

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Trucks and Trailers

Now that we've found a truck to pull our new future home, it's on to the next project: 

    Selling our current place.

Another person is interested...and getting ready to make an offer.  (Barbara, if your friend is still interested too, have her call -- pronto.) We've got another party on the case, as well. 
     If God helped us find the perfect truck, He's got a buyer for the Castle Rock house out there. Meanwhile, we've got a lot of clearing out, cleaning up and donating to do.

Painting furniture in one afternoon.  (From The Nester)

"I don't identify as African-American; I identify as black."  Rachel Dolezal -- still up to her interesting ways.

Working for the Fair.  The Sanitary Fair, that is.  (From Brackman's Civil War Quilts)

Ten habits of self-made millionaires.  Actually, three different posts, all about the same subject -- just different numbers. (From Bloglovin')

Freezer-friendly breakfast burritos.  Except I'll add green chilies to the mix.  (From Moneysaving Mom)

How will you plan to retire? For the first part of it, when you're healthy and raring to go, OR the second part, when your health's not so good?  A thoughtful piece from Liz Weston.

"What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?"  Be sure to read the one from the student who walked into the wrong classroom -- and took the exam, anyways.  (From Quora)

Just for fun - two parrots duet on 'La Cucaracha' and 'Old McDonald:'

A DIY 'pick me up' peppermint tincture.  (From Strangers and Pilgrims)

Salmon, spinach and orzo salad - with lemon-dill vinaigrette. Oh my.  (From One Hundred Dollars A Month)

How to find anything -- and everything -- used.  (From The Frugalwoods)

"Why I stopped extreme couponing."  The other side of the story.  (From Budgets Are Sexy)

Five for the road.  It's the teacup feeders and the doggie gate that got this post on the Monday Stuff List.  (From Cleverly Inspired)

Historical figures that most people remember -- for the wrong reasons.  (From Cracked) Also:

Fifteen images that...well... I have no idea who or what's showing up in them. See what you think.

Have a great week.

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