Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter Baskets -- For Guys! PLUS Updates

The auction of Libby Lehman's quilts is almost done.  A number of these pieces are iconic -- and worth considerably more, in this appraiser's humble opinion, than they're going for. Auction closes the evening of April 12 -- go take a look. Quick!
    (Or, if you're not sure who Libby is, go here first.)

I'm starting a new "Moneysaving" series this week! Each post will cover a different area. First on the list will post in a few days:  Saving (and making) money on that bugaboo, credit cards. 

Want to REALLY clean up your house? Try planning to sell it. I spent an hour or so last night bagging up newspapers and other burnables around the woodstove. Found all sorts of things under the piles, too, including rocks, a pair of leather gloves, firewood (didn't know it was there) -- and to my embarrassment, a large garbage bag of scrunched-up Christmas giftwrap from at least three or four years ago. Now that's hoarding.



It's easy to buy frou frou stuff for Easter baskets:  chocolate bunnies, bright-colored grass, flowery hairbands and such. But what about the guys in your house -- the ones that would rather die than admit they like jelly beans?

Make them a basket of items they really enjoy.

Fellow blogger Who Needs A Cape got me started thinking on this, after she talked about her men. She doesn't have any daughters. We have two -- and I've generally gone the dainty route for them before. This year, though, Daughter #1 is on vacation, and Daughter #2/Son #1 won't be in town.

     That leaves the Brick. What can I do that he'll enjoy? 

*Chocolate peanut butter eggs.  He loves peanut butter cups -- he'll like these.

*A video he hasn't seen.  (DVDs are a standard item in Brick family Easter baskets.)

*An IOU for brownies.+  The man lives for them.  Plus:

*A coupon for a long backrub.  Ditto.

*His favorite dark chocolate -- or a bag of nuts. Or chocolate-covered nuts.

*Kenyan coffee beans. He's currently hooked on these, and Sprouts has them on sale this week.

+Normally I'd just make these up -- but we both have to sing and play for church not only on Good Friday, but two services on Easter, as well.  Plus the attendant practices. Holidays are exhausting when you're on Worship Team.

My blogger friend swears by jerky, beef sticks and gift cards -- more good inclusions for guys.
     And no pretty pastel grass in their baskets.

Now you're in the Easter mood, enjoy these festive offerings:

Gives a whole new meaning to 'toothsome,' doesn't it...

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