Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Blossoms And Blue Skies

Well, sort of.
    Today, it's bright blue with a wisp of white clouds. The fringe of gray and black over the mountains reminds that the next storm is on its way.  No matter -- we really need the moisture. 
     The flowers in Denver have been out for a few weeks. Ours are just beginning to pop. The crabapple by the deck is wreathed in rosy pink, and hyacinths have joined the earlybird daffodils.
     Gee, this is a pretty time of year.

Are these marble countertops? Naah...they're formica.  (From My Old Country House)

The Temple Mount Sifting Project may be forced to close.  As you know, both the Brick and I are very curious about this research. Can you help keep it going?

"The Pie and the Patty-Pan:" a FREE downloadable Beatrix Potter story/coloring book.  (From Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth)

Scamming the scammers.  (From Quora)  One gem:
     "Another time, I kept interrupting and telling the telemarketer to speak up, because I couldn’t hear him. This went on until he was nearly hoarse from yelling into the phone. Then I stopped him and told him I would never buy anything from someone who was yelling at me over the phone and hung up on him."

A very strange Bigfoot post.  Yes, I'm still interested.  (From MyYeti)

From Pinterest via Etsy

Spring cleaning done in 20 min. for 20 days?  I'll bite.  (From Apartment Therapy)

Pay to watch TV...whether you get cable or not!?? Apparently Brits have to apply for a license to do so.  (From Life After Money)

An interesting book on needlework samplers. Really old ones, from the Joan Stephen collection.

Lifestyle design: an intriguing way to think about life as a whole, rather than just day to day.  (From Go Curry Cracker)

Being a stay-at-home dad. What's it like when your kid starts school?  (From Retire by 40)

Are your appliances looking grubby? Paint them! This post focuses on washers and dryer.  (From Duct Tape and Denim)

Easy S'Mores and Taco Meatballs.  I am thinking Taco Heroes...  (From Who Needs A Cape)

Raising chickens -- for meat, not eggs.  (From Pretend to be Poor)

Some really jerky moves, thanks to copyrights. Or the willingness to file expensive lawsuits. (From Cracked)

Pieced alphabet quilt blocks -- this link takes you to 'H.'  (From American Quilter's Society)

A 7.44 carat diamond -- found by a young boy at the Crater of Diamonds Park in Arkansas.

Mike Pence won't have dinner alone with another woman -- except his wife. The cad. (By the way, fellow women, this has nothing to do with disrespect -- in fact, it's showing his wife more respect! Now, if ex-president Clinton would consider doing the same...)

Cheeseburger mac soup -- fast, easy...and it uses ketchup, as well as mustard!  (From Betty Crocker)

Ten terrorist attacks you (and I) probably didn't hear of.  (From Listverse) Also from them:

Ten treasures found in unexpected places. Like payment for a taxi fare, in a pizza parlor, and used as decoration in the garden.

Earning passive income -- when you've got no money to invest. He makes a lot of these sound easier than they actually are. But still...  (From the College Investor)

Have a great week.

Daughter #2 calls mountains back east "speed bumps."

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