Sunday, April 9, 2017

Monday Stuff On the Way to Other Stuff: Parts is Parts

Does Partly-Done count for anything?

     Let's see. This week, I have quilts to finish rebinding (and restoring); several appraisal reports to finish up; and a messy house that a possible buyer is coming to look at on Friday. 
     Plus we need to order the vanity, tile, toilet and bathtub that Son #1 is going to use to redo the guest bathroom. (Hopefully, he starts this week.) 
    Extra Worship Team singing/playing duties, because of Good Friday and Easter.
    Don't forget taxes, either. 

     The balls are still up in the air, but some fancy footwork will be needed to keep them rolling around smoothly.

A five-figure Etsy to start, how to keep it going.  (From Mr. Money Mustache)

The royal family -- and height differences. Did you know that if he becomes king, Prince Williams will be the second-tallest British monarch ever, at 6' 3"?

Frugal homemaking tips from the Great Depression...courtesy of Janette Oke.  (From Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth)

Beginning in 2018, some state drivers' licenses aren't going to be accepted by TSA. That means you're going to have to carry an additional form of i.d., like a passport, if you live in 9 states. (Additional states are being considered for this ban, as well.  (From AARP)

Five dreams that didn't come true, by retiring early.  (From Retire By 40)

Eating on $10 a week.  A classic from yours truly, via Tight-Fisted Miser.

Things you should (and shouldn't) sell at a garage sale.  (From One Hundred Dollars A Month)

Trendy colors for exterior house trim, from three experts.  Apparently gray is very big right now.  (From Apartment Therapy)

Did Andy Warhol copy a photograph of Prince for his painting series on the same subject? Ironically, the Warhol estate is suing the original photographer that dared say it, alleging that Warhol's changes made the photo fair game. (Warhol's work has often become more famous than the originals. I've always wondered if he got permission to do so...obviously, he didn't.)

A green Masters golf champion jacket, found at a thrift shop in 1994 (and purchased for $5), just sold at auction -- for more than $139,000.  Yow. Apparently golf memorabilia is big right now.  (From Appraiser Workshops)

Have a great week. Hopefully you're keeping up your juggling, too.

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