Saturday, May 6, 2017

Whoo Hoo for the Weekend!

Things are improving... I think. 

At least we're not being chased by alien .ducklings.

     Yesterday was just plain zany: I only got about 4 1/2 hours of sleep. But a big batch of quilts undergoing restoration were finished, double-checked and delivered. Just a few hours on one more quilt -- then I'll start rebinding two others.

The tiled wall in the guest bathroom is almost done. Son #1 will be starting to tile the floor soon. He came back from Home Depot, bragging -- the floor tile we chose rang up at A PENNY a tile! Even the HD clerk was impressed. (Ironically, I bought two more cases, just in case, at a HD in Aurora -- and those were $36. Go figure.)

 And the Brick is resting. The flu came back full force on him, poor guy. No wonder, since he was driving bus for a meet last night until midnight.

     Thank God for Saturdays that are a bit calmer and less populated. Sleeping in was definitely a plus, too. Son #1 is here working, but he's used to us dressing and acting in a more (ahem) "relaxed" manner.

I still have plenty of work to finish. For that matter, we all do. But at least it's not quite so urgent for the next few days.


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