Wednesday, June 28, 2017

A Real Estate Mystery...Solved

A house hidden within a house?

What's inside? (Who wants to know?)

Actually, it's a historic log cabin in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, built by the first English settler to the area, Andrew Ramsey. About 1795.

It was found by Carl Armstrong, the man who grew up inside the house's walls, after his father bought the property in 1925. Armstrong didn't discover the cabin, though, until he began renovations in 2004. (He just thought the walls were extra-thick.)

The house literally enclosed all 20 x 20 feet of the log cabin, including its roof. Now it's back, fully revealed: that is, if you go inside. Thanks to Southern Weekend's video (see the clip at the link), and the kindness of the Armstrong family, we're able to do just that.

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Shades of Old Abe Lincoln

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