Thursday, June 22, 2017

Arapahoe Quilter Beauties

I've been meaning to show you a few quilts from the Arapahoe Quilters' recent show.  They are a wonderfully talented group.

There was a good mix of styles and colors...though I would say that modern took front and center status more than traditional. Ironically, every quilt I'm showing here has applique touches -- though it didn't seem to me at the time that applique was very prevalent. Maybe I mis-saw.

Please note:  I was careful to ask permission to show these pieces, from the actual quiltmakers. You should do this, too, when you visit various shows this year.  

Larry by Regina Hoffman. Her husband, in cloth -- I was impressed by how few pieces she used,
to give him such a realistic effect.  Netting was used, too. A striking piece.

This is Jacquelyn Baker Mathews' A Walk In the Woods. Notice the 'bear paw' prints mixed in with the traditional pattern of the same name? I really liked the way that the quiltmaker used fusible applique to give a natural look to the center bear's fur, as well as the foliage around it. Nice.

Rebecca Musgrave calls this You've Got Mail. The cat lives with one of her friends. Isn't that closeup detail nicely done!!

And Best of Show:  Forever Garden by Lexie Foster, quilted by Myrna Ficken.
I'm betting you'll see this one again in the winners circle -- it's beautifully made.

Look at the detail on that quilting...

These Dresden Plates are appliqued, not pieced -- wedge by wedge.

Any fuzziness in the photos is the fault of the photographer (me)...the actual quilts are crisp and graphic.

Great job, everyone.

UPDATE:  See the full list of winners, plus lots of photos
on the Arapahoe County Quilters website.

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