Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Flag Day -- But Make It Stand For More Than That

More shootings...

    and there would have been a lot more bloodshed, had two Capitol Hill policemen not taken the shooter out. (And were shot themselves, for their pains. Tell that to the people who say bad things about cops.)

Maybe, now that Republican congressmen (and others) have been hurt, we all will STOP this silly, hate-filled bickering and start to work together. 

One way to show your willingness to move on would be to celebrate today's holiday:

     FLAG DAY.

Although the idea originally began in 1777, as a way to commemorate the adoption of the U.S. Flag, it was informally celebrated until President Truman signed it into official life in the 1940s. (Actually, it's been National Flag Week from  June 11-17.)

Take a minute. Put your flag out now. 

(Saying a prayer for the Alexandria victims would be good, too.)

Let's stand together --
        or frankly, we go down together, instead.

Poppies...for remembering

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