Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hot And Tired -- But Laughing!

A typical day at the Brick House right now:

Work late. Everyone else is in bed...thank God, it's reasonably quiet. Get absorbed, and forget about the time. Stop when you hear the birds chirping good morning.

Get up. (It's already hot.) Dress quick -- in the closet preferably. Son #1 is working on the bathroom inside our bedroom, and You Never Know When He Might Start. (He's been staying overnight a lot to ease up on the hour-plus drive each way to Nederland.)

Let the dogs out. Let the dogs in. Oh no -- someone barfed AND pooped in the dining room! (All three dogs look suitably guilty.) Clean it up. Try not to throw up while you're doing it. Wash hands -- a lot.

Make breakfast. (Don't think about previous incident.) Call whoever's in the house to come and get it. Wait to use the bathroom. (We're down to one upstairs, due to renovations.)

Clear away dishes and get to work....until you're called to to: 1)go pick out a faucet/toilet/tile/whatever; 2)find something that's been misplaced; 3)go to work somewhere; 4)clean up quickly -- because a client's on the way.

Take a very fast shower. On to whatever's next. Squeeze in errands, if possible. Make it home, if you had to leave. (Denver traffic is awful -- at least an extra hour to get home right now.) Get cold drinks for everyone (ooh, iced coffee) before you:

Get back to work. Remember you have no clean underwear -- start a load of wash. Write a few notes, check on something else. Read texts and respond. Answer phone; it turns out to be a salesman. Feed the chickens and dogs. Look at Daughter #2's newest rock specimens -- they're great. Talk politics with the Brick for a while, or the latest oddball event or joke. Ignore any crashes, tinkling glass, etc. from the vicinity of still-working Son #1.

Get back to work. Hang out the wash first, then let the dogs out. Let them back in. Remember it's almost time for supper. Make it. Serve it. Unless you're headed to Worship Team practice, a meeting or another commitment:

Do something else for a while. Have a good conversation, watch a TV episode, or read a chapter or two of the latest book. (Now I know why I learned to speed-read, in the first place.) Grab the clothes off the line, before the latest thunderstorm sends them off to Kansas. Iron something -- fast.

Back to work. Write a blogpost. (Like this one.) Try to concentrate. The Brick wants you to head off to bed. least it's cooler now. Head for a snooze...or stay up, yawning, and try to finish up.

A trip to the post office, to ship the latest orders and client paperwork. Stop for milk and sale items. Drop off library books. (Charley loves these midnight runs.) Get home. Let the dogs out/in one more time. Settle down. Uh oh -- Abby is making gagging sounds. Quick: out again.


* * * * * * * * * * *

Maybe it's time for some Brazilian lemonade, and a few minutes reading these silly signs, thanks to El Arroyo Restaurant in Austin, TX.

 If they pick your slogan and Facebook it with 75 likes, you get yourself a $25 gift card!


KGS said...

Did you see where Rob Lowe is saying he had a Big Foot interaction? I only saw the headline because my computer doesn't like msnbc, but I thought you might be able to get to it.

Cindy Brick said...

I did! Am just waiting for the good stuff on this...please tell me that Lowe's cameraman was there filming!!!!

I watched the blurb on it, though, and he sounds like a weenie when the Big Guy shows up. I kept thinking of that very funny quote on the movie TRADING PLACES where the socialite says, "I would have groveled on the ground and begged for mercy!"

This will be in a future post -- thanks so much for mentioning it. (And thinking of me.)

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