Thursday, June 22, 2017

Mousey News...And Updates

     I don't know if it's because of the heat -- or the bushel basket of appraisals and gigs I've had this month -- but I am restless as all getout.

To make things worse, we had our own Western Emigration recently: a batch of mice that apparently decided living inside with us would be an improvement. I couldn't work late at night without seeing tiny brown bodies flash by, things moving in the kitchen, or paper rattling by the couch. The high point came when something light touched my foot by still-asleep Charley. It may have been his tail...and a dream. Or it was Mr. Mouse, trying to get to know me better. I jumped about two feet straight up in the air...and so did Charles.
     At that point, we had to do somethingMaybe we could have coaxed in a bull snake or two.  No doubt, though, the snakes would have decided to live in the bathtub. Instead, the Brick set up a boatload of traps baited with peanut butter, and some envelopes of poison, all stuffed way under the couch, counter, etc., so the dogs couldn't reach them.
     Snapping ensued. One little guy decided to make a point by staggering out from under the couch, and expiring dramatically in front of the Brick. (And Abby, who could have cared less.) The chickens got the mousetrapped ones for a snack; the rest went into the trash.
     It's been a few days now, and I don't hear rustling when I stay up late working. Like now.

What a relief.

                                                  Free-range chickens would clear out this lot.

Here are updates on the rest of our life, in case you're wondering:

*Yes, we're still moving. There are boxes and piles EVERYWHERE -- in part because, before moving furniture, you have to clean out the drawers of said furniture. We haven't put much back in the nearly-finished guest bathroom, either. Instead, it piles up in the hallway and corners like drifts during a snowstorm. I really wish I could walk down the hall without stubbing my toe on something. (Soon, Cindy, soon.)
     We'll get rid of several bags early next week...and I plan to have a huge garage sale in another week or two. We'll also start moving things into the trailer this least, that's the plan.

*The bathrooms are coming along. Son #1 only has to hang a few doors and screw on drawer pulls, and the first bathroom is done. Then it's on to the next. Unfortunately, we had a leak in the master bathroom...right on top of a suitcase containing some of my quilt collection. I was able to wash a few quilt tops, but the c.1850 silk skirt was a goner. (Not colorfast -- what else did I expect to happen...) A few old orphan quilt blocks bit the dust, too. Thankfully, Son #1 can easily fix this problem when renovating the bathroom.

*So what are plans now?  We'll be celebrating in Michigan for The Mama's 80th birthday around August 16.  It seems to make sense that we'll drive a rental truck full of business inventory, some furniture and books to Michigan about that time, to put it all in storage there.
      That should mean that the house could be totally cleaned out by then;  the floors could be refinished while we're gone. Then we should be able to put it up for sale, with no fuss. Tentatively, we'll be living in the trailer by early September. I think. Maybe. Kind of.

      We'll still be in Colorado most of the year. We'll keep a Colorado post office. box, and Brickworks' phone and e-mails will still work. We just won't be living at this specific house.

*Other than appraisals, I've only got one gig left in 2017 -- and it's Saturday. What? No more teaching? I actually turned down some work a while back, to make sure that we could finish up on the house, and still be available for Daughter #2's wedding later this year.
    Nonetheless, it feels strange to have an open calendar. Sort of. I am still getting regular appraisal requests, which is great. But I also need to finish up the recertification report for AQS this weekend. Life won't get more peaceful for a while yet. (Which is probably why I'm so restless.)

     Next year, though? I've got a LOT of work, scattered all over the country. Go figure. It's not like I specifically planned this turn of events, either -- it's just a God thing.

*You're not too late to get in on that gig, if you want to! I'm teaching Hanky Panky at Holly's Quilt Cabin from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. this Saturday, the 24th. A few spots are left in class yet. Special teaser: everyone in class will get to choose their very own Hanky Panky kit (retail value: $35) to experiment with!

Go here for more info. No mice allowed. 

It's okay -- I'm just a nice little...

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