Thursday, July 6, 2017

Are You A Square? (I Must Be)

Or at least a square-lover, especially in scrap quilts.

Still slogging my way through life. Daughter #2 and Son #1 showed up today and asked me to go rockhounding up by Devil's Head. (A huge rock face topped by a Forest Service lookout post...with legends of lost stagecoach treasure and a huge nest of topaz nearby.) 

The Great Adventurers (pickaxes included)

    We didn't find the treasure or the topaz, but we did dig up a hatful of crystals. Part of me still aches, but it was a wonderful time out in the mountains. 
     Meanwhile, print off this sheet on 5-inch squares, and put it in a safe place. You'll use it over and over in your quilts. (Thanks for sharing, Nickel Quilt.)
     More soon.


LouAnne Sassone said...

Cindy: LouAnne here aka your clueless friend. How can I print off the 5" sq reference guide as a larger page size? My printer with the enlargement feature is still in storage downstairs.....and I think I hurt my brain in May when I fell...vbg

Cindy Brick said...

No worries, LouAnne... I had some trouble with this worksheet too, but felt it was good enough (and important enough) to put up with a little fuzziness.

Here's the easiest way I know of --
1. Double-click on the image. It should transfer to a new page, all by itself.
2. Save the image onto your computer. (It's a JPEG.) Right-click on the image, and one of the options should be 'save as...' Option #2: right click and use the 'copy image' instead.
3. Open a new page in WORD. Paste the image onto the page, and pull on one corner to expand it to fit the page. (Text will be a little blurry. I tried and failed to get a clearer version. However, you should be able to figure things out just by looking at the diagrams.)
4. Print the page.

Pat Speth is the author of several NICKEL QUILTS books. Her blog has lots of ideas, but no one's posted there since November last year. However, it's worth looking through: Pat's website is

I couldn't find this worksheet in either section, however...
have fun. Thanks for asking.

Cindy Brick said...

P.S. I just found a two-sided laminated version of the worksheet here:

The second side has additional tips and ways to cut, for patterns.

It's $5.95, plus shipping.

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