Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?

Got twenty cents?

A twenty cent piece sold for more than $88,000 recently. Oops, forgot to mention it was an 1876 twenty-cent piece, considered one of the rarest examples of its kind in the world. This minting was never that popular, so eventually many of the coins were gathered and melted down. Of the few extant survivors, this one is in excellent condition.

Twenty Cent Pieces, 1876 20C MS67 PCGS. CAC....

Heritage Auctions just finished up a July auction of rare coins in Orlando, Florida. The sale was held in tandem with the summer convention of Florida United Numismatists. (In other words, coin-lovers and collectors.) Total prices, including a 17 1/2% buyers premiums, realized nearly $6 million.

That's a lot of  twenty-cent combinations.

You may collect Morgan dollars. We do, when we find them at the right price. At the same auction, an  1893-S Morgan dollar sold for $38,796.15. The date is the key. Heritage Auctions said: "...a high quality choice AU coin like this piece is not out of place in an otherwise Mint State Set."

All coin photos from auction results

Read all about it here, including Heritage Auctions' current 'top ten' list. 

Heritage Auctions is planning a series of consignment auctions in mid-September, Long Beach, California. It will be interesting to see what pops up then.

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