Saturday, July 15, 2017

Hanky Panky Revisited

My handkerchief quilt method has been a favorite for many people for a long time,

The sequel, Hanky Panky with a Flourish, has been in process for a few years now. I had hoped to finish it off this summer...but clearing out the house and moving has to come first. It will give the original method,  but several new ones, as well. Some patterns are for my more nervous students -- you don't have to cut the handkerchiefs.

Some weeks back, I taught an HP class at Holly's Quilt Cabin in Littleton, CO.  Here are some of my students' work, in progress. Didn't they turn out great!

Carol used a largely-blue palette very effectively, even including some commercial appliqued guest towels.
She mixed smaller and larger scale motifs, as weell as specialty edges, sometimes by layering them.

Sandy had two interesting "big boys" (larger-scale prints) to work with.
Careful positioning lets them shine, without overpowering the piece.

Here she is, in the flesh. Nice job, Sandy!

Karen takes a more minimalistic approach, with gray quietening down the yellow and green touches.
Note the two crocheted-edge butterfly hankies.

Here's Karen, by the way...

Kris's version...that's a photo-transfer in the middle, copied from an old tradecard.

Here's what she started with, using a Hanky Panky kit.
(We sell these in a wide range of colors & patterns on the Brickworks site.)

And just for fun -- The Mama's bandanna Hanky Panky. This version's even faster to make, because bandannas are BIG. The center 'running horses' was cut from a preprint pillow design.

    Thank you, students. You did a terrific job!

                  What's life without a little Hanky Panky to liven it up...

A finished Hanky Panky, from another student, Cindy Thomas. Beautiful.

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Cynthia said...

PLEASE finish the sequel. I loved Hanky Panky.

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