Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Animal Magnetism

This gift-wrapping idea stands on its own!

The Spruce has 6 nifty ways to gift-wrap for birthdays and special occasions.  (Click on the link, and you'll even get a how-to video.) This one particularly caught my eye:

Use any one of a menagerie as pack animals.  Simple & effective.

Lions and tigers and bears. (oh my)

Choose your recipient's favorite animal -- they're easy to find on Amazon and at any basic toy area, including the dollar store. (In fact, there's a cow statue in our local Walmart's clearance area that I may just have to get now.)

Couldn't you see these with tiny wreaths or jingle bells around their necks for Christmas? Or expand the idea to other 'holders:' tiny cars, dump trucks, artificial flowers, even realistic figures. (I suddenly thought of Bigfoot! Sorry, couldn't help it.)

Think of The Big Guy delivering your present -- click on the link above for this version

More ideas here, as well.

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