Saturday, August 5, 2017

Mennonite Quilt Auction August 13

Quilt collectors, enthusiasts and appraisers everywhere -- 

    There's an auction next week Sunday, August 13, you shouldn't miss.

Skinner Auctions will be selling a large grouping of Mennonite quilts from the collection of Tom and Adelle Hersh of Waterloo County, Ontario, during their Americana Auction.

Steeplechase, c.1910

According to the Skinner people: 

The Waterloo County Mennonite community traces its origin to Switzerland (probably Zurich or near Zurich). In 1727, two brothers, David and Peter Martin, migrated to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Apparently, during the War of 1812, the Mennonites and Amish were persecuted by American patriots for their pacifist ideas, and a group of Mennonites decided to move to Ontario, Canada, settling in Waterloo County, between St. Joseph’s and Waterloo City. Today the bonds between the two communities remain strong and many Mennonite families from Waterloo County regularly visit friends and relatives in Lancaster County.

(In case you're wondering, Mennonite quilts often follow the same basic guidelines as strict Amish quilts, but will include some printed fabrics on occasion. Think of it as slightly loosening the 'rules:' one of my colleagues is Mennonite by practice, but often wears snazzy tennis shoes with her Amish-plain dress and bonnet.)

Nearly 100 quilts will go up for auction. (More will be offered in upcoming auctions later on in the year.) Not only will this be interesting -- it will also set the tone (at least for a while) for values of quilts in this make and mode.

I'm guessing they'll do an online live version of the auction, so even if you aren't headed to Canada next weekend, you could still bid. Go here for more...and registration.

Log Cabin, c.1930. All photos courtesy of Skinner Auctions

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