Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Monday (er, Tuesday) Stuff on the Way to Other Stuff: Eclipse!

     We were very lucky to make it to the right place (in our case, Grand Island, NE) at the right time -- to see an incredible event. 
      Yes, the eclipse of 2017. Here it is, from Casper, Wyoming's point of view. (Daughter #1 was camping there, with her boyfriend.)

And here was our viewpoint, in Nebraska. (These people were up on a hill -- we were in a park, down by a small lake bordering the local veterans home. Not sure of the name.)

Hopefully, you were lucky enough to experience it, too. The strangest part only lasted about 7-8 min. A few minutes before 'totality,' when the sun was fully covered, the sky turned a strange, flat gray. The herd of geese who, til this point, had been grazing in the field nearby, turned, and in a perfect line, started marching off to the trees. (To sleep?)
     Then it happened -- a dark blue circle, surrounded by a whirling white misty circle. Totality.
      We could hear excited cheering and fireworks going off. And this was in a park, with just a small group of people!
      2 1/2 minutes later, glasses needed to be put back on. A sudden flash, with a "diamond ring" effect (the sun reemerging, on top of a golden 'ring') -- and lo and behold, the geese made a 90-degree turn and started marching back to the field, still in a straight line! Then they began grazing again, as if nothing had happened. Minutes later, light was back to normal, even though the sun was still partly obscured.
      And it was over. 

Did we really see that??

Yes, says Son #1...you really did.

The increased traffic heading back to Denver proved something had happened, including a 45-minute stop for 'construction' near the I-76/I-80 split. All the fuss turned out to be three bored cops, flashing arrows and a long line of trucks and cars that kept cutting in front of us. (The stinkers.) Grrrr....

Daughter #2, Son #1 and we were on our way home from Michigan, after spending last week celebrating the Mama's 80th birthday. (More about this shortly.) It was great...but REALLY busy. I just haven't had time to wander over the internet, doing my usual collecting. Bear with me, Gentle Readers -- more will come in the future.

Meanwhile, have a great week. 

The darkest blue in this photo was just about the hidden disk's shade...


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