Friday, August 25, 2017

New Norman Rockwell Painting Surfaces

Here's an interesting twist:  a family owns a Norman Rockwell print for generations. Family members display it proudly in their homes for decades. When the current owner moves to a retirement home, his nephew notices brushstrokes on the 'print!'

Turns out it's an original study by Rockwell, based on his classic painting, Tough Call.

      It sold for $1.6 million recently via Heritage Auctions.

Here's the extra value of provenance: Rockwell gifted the piece to one of the three umpires pictured in the original painting, John "Beans" Reardon.  He even signed it. (See the photo.) The 'print' stayed in Reardon's family, passing eventually to his granddaughter. When she died, her husband inherited the piece. It remained in family hands until its sale on Monday.

     Hard to argue with that kind of evidence.

Read all about it here, thanks to Appraiser Workshops.

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